Background material on strategy for the US led coalition against Islamic State
UPDATED with note to Defence - The ADF has removed the Guide to Religion and Belief from its website

Sydney hosted a conference 6 years ago to plan for the Islamic State, the Caliphate aka Khalifah

I had no idea of the significance at the time, but Hizb ut-Tahrir hosted a conference in Sydney in 2010 to discuss the Islamic State, aka the Caliphate or Khalifah in Arabic.  The link below takes you to a couple of interviews I did with Uthman Badar from Hizb ut-Tahrir and other links to the Sydney planning event for IS.

This documentary was produced for the conference to create the impression that Islam is under attack from The West - and that as a result it needs its own state to fight back.   There are some very familiar faces in it about 5.20 in.  The very last sentence spoken tell you all you need to know about their plans.


This from the website of the Khalifah or Islamic State was first published in 2007

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Here the freak Abu Anas al-WahWah (not sure if it's the same person as Ismail al-WahWah) from Hizb ut-Tahrir talks about the Islamic State and its plans at the 2010 Sydney conference.


Talk 5: Khilafah: the Obligation of the Age - What is the Khilafah, why is it important, and how can we work for its establishment?

And finally in all their frightening glory, here are the videos and other evidence from the Islamic State conference.

Held in our backyard.

Which they plan to make theirs.l