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The horrifying effect of policies Sarah Hanson Young wants here - 13 year old white girl held and raped for 30 hours by Muslims

This link will take you to the source for this unimaginable outrage to civilisation - Germany's Epoch Times.

A rough Google translation of that article is at the bottom of this post.   

This video has a reasonable effort at English translation embedded, the little girl's cousin is speaking to locals.

I'd be grateful to German or Russian speakers who might help with the gist of this video.


Berlin: 13-year-old migrant kidnapped and raped for 30 hours

Epoch Times, Sunday, January 17 2016 14:22
A 13-year-old German-Russian was kidnapped these days in Berlin and held captive by three unknowns for 30 hours and repeatedly raped. Various Russian media reported the incident.
German-Russians in Marzahn went with indignation on the road.
German-Russians in Marzahn went with indignation on the road.
The German-Russian community is appalled by a crime, be silent about the German police and the media. Because of the spiral of silence is raging in the social media dispute whether the message truth or "right propaganda" was - the victims described the perpetrators as "Arab men." Epoch Times called the Berlin police and received from a spokeswoman for the following official statement:

"After the police investigation, there was neither abduction nor rape. Further details are not disclosed to protect the personality. "

When asked, the spokeswoman said, adding that the investigation had not yet been completed, but that this is the result of the previous investigation was.

What did happen?

On January 11, the 13-year-old disappeared in the morning on the way to school and the police published an APB. Tuesday noon of the following day she reappeared. According to the company they had been abducted by "Arab men" who had her blindfolded, they kidnapped in an apartment and they were detained for 30 hours against their will and repeatedly raped. The crime scene is suspected near Falkenberg.

After she was released in Hellersdorf middle, the girl had rung with strangers, to seek help.

The German-Russian community reacted in horror. In Berlin-Marzahn German-Russians went to demonstrate in the street, like a television report of the transmitter "Perwij Kanal Berlin" shows.

It looked like routine

The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.
The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.
Photo: Youtube / Screenshot Perwij channel Berlin

The members believe that the 13-year-old was not an isolated case and the perpetrators do something more.

Beginning had the family been afraid to come to the press because it feared a possible revenge of the perpetrators - then you have but nevertheless decided to go public because they hope to be able to protect other children from a similar fate so the aunt of the girl against the TV station.The parents and the victim were under a severe shock, which is why they informative, so the aunt. One of the kidnappers had initially placed the girl under a pretext to get into his car. They then realized quickly that she was not alone with him. They also testified that, just a bed and a mattress was in the room in which she was abducted - nothing else. She was immediately thrown and raped by the three offenders on the bed. She was also beaten.

The Russian TV channels was referring in his report also a video one that posted the hacker group Anonymous.Kollektiv on 14 January. A several-year-old video, which describes in detail with an immigrant background, an unknown German, as he together with six other people an underage girl raped, the "virgin" was. Critics imputed Anonymous, so propaganda to drive.The current family concerned, however, raises serious allegations against the police.

Cousin denounces police

The NPD Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf took the story to demonstrate on January 16 in Marzahn against "Sexual Violence" and the failure of the rule of law. At the rally, said the audibly agitated cousin of the victim, which raised serious allegations against the police.

The cousin explained that the police filed no charges against the perpetrators.Officials had the 13-year-old during a three-hour interrogation, which took place isolated and without an accompanying person, laughed at, mocked and falsehood accused - until she had collapsed and the presentation of the police had agreed - namely that the rape had not taken place, that it is only should look like and that they which have willed it so 13-year-old. The girl was therefore forced by law enforcement officers to a false statement on their tormentors.

The family now comes with a lawyer against these measures. There is a medical document confirming the rape.

The German wave published now a long report in Russian, who called the message a lie.

Should correspond to the allegations made ​​by the family of the truth, they are strongly reminiscent of the abuse scandal of Rotherham, where for decades white girls were raped organized by a Pakistani-britsch clique and the police deliberately turned a blind eye.