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Whose side is Bill Shorten on? Attacking security authorities for time taken to thoroughly vet his illegal boat people

Ever the opportunist, Bill Shorten must inhabit an office of 11 year olds whose Green concerns are guiding him.

No one in their right mind could criticise careful authorities who are taking the time necessary to do as thorough a job as possible in keeping Australia safe.

He is not fit to govern us.  Some busted backside joint in the Middle East maybe, but not us.

This story is in The Australian today.

The opposition has seized on new immigration department figures showing asylum seeker processing times have skyrocketed under the coalition government, with people being held in detention facilities for an average of 445 days.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the blowout was unacceptable and called for an explanation from the “gaffe-prone” immigration minister.

“Women and children should not be languishing indefinitely in these facilities,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

Opposition immigration spokesman Richard Marles said processing times had more than doubled since Labor was in government, demanding Mr Dutton take responsibility for the “dysfunction” under his watch.

Here's Peter Dutton's response.

Minister - Marles like his predecessors ruled by emotion not reality

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Labor has started the New Year with amnesia when it comes to their legacy of 50,000 people arriving on 800 boats.

At the height of Labor's incompetence up to 1,000 people a week off smugglers’ boats were arriving and not being properly processed by Mr Marles’s Labor Government. It will take years to clean up this mess and Labor wiping their hands of a problem they created demonstrates they are not fit for Government.

Labor had almost 2,000 children in detention and the total number of people peaked at more than 10,300. We have reduced that total number in detention to just under 1,800 which includes seven children off boats and 72 children off boats who are here temporarily and are due to return to Nauru.

There are some people held in immigration detention because they have committed criminal offences, whose identity has not been verified or who are subject to adverse ASIO assessments. Mr Marles should nominate which of these individuals he wants to release and then explain the consequences to the public.

Mr Marles demonstrates the same weakness as his predecessors who were incapable of dealing with these issues.

As a former union boss Mr Marles is part of the praetorian guard around Mr Shorten and their dodgy deal with the CFMEU to get the numbers at conference to adopt a soft version of turn backs is a con.

The people smugglers are desperate for Labor to win the next election because they believe they will be back in business. Labor just doesn't have the capacity or will to deal with the ongoing threat posed by people smugglers.