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Need cash in a hurry? Appoint yourself Chairman of an enquiry like Glen Lazarus and pocket $20 Grand!

More from Seeker of Truth about this poor bugger on the bones of the ample - not only the seat out his strides.....

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 Pants-down is a condition precedent for what he's doing to the job.

As Seeker of Truth points out, Lazarus appointed himself as Chairman of the Senate Enquiry into the Newman Government.(and was not elected by the other members as is the usual fashion).   Now he's scored another chairmanship here.


He earned a pay rise of just over $21,500 for chairing this WOFTAM.

Here's the report

It contains such gems as this:

The committee recommends the Queensland government make a commitment to restoring the relationship between government and the Queensland people, through adequate consultation, transparent decision making and accountability for outcomes.

The only government member on the Committee said;


Chapter One

  1. 1.1  This Enquiry was a farce from the beginning.

  2. 1.2  The farcical nature of the Enquiry was clearly demonstrated by:

    •   Its manner of creation

    •   the Terms of Reference

    •   the way in which the Labor Party first opposed its setting up when it was thought to include the Bligh Labor Government but later supported the Enquiry when they thought (erroneously) that it did not allow examination of the Bligh Labor Government

    •   the composition of the Voting Members of the Committee

    •   the fact that most submissions no matter how irrelevant, defamatory,

      and unsubstantiated were accepted by the majority of the Committee

    •   The refusal of the Committee to allow persons maligned in submissions

      a right of reply

    •   the lack of any natural justice

    •   refusal of the majority of the Committee to invite as witnesses anyone

      nominated by Government Senators

    •   the preponderance of Union, Left wing politicians and radical Green

      witnesses called.

  3. 1.3  Because of this, Government Members consider that nothing worthwhile emanates from this Committee and that it lacks even basic credibility, and does not warrant the waste of any further of the Senate’s time.

1.3 Government Members of the Committee make just two recommendations –

Recommendation 1

1.4 That the Committee Office should table a full and complete Report of the costs to the Committee office of this Enquiry including all of the changed arrangements and cancelled bookings that had been made and that the Committee Office also include an estimate of the costs of Senators attending, and in cases cancelling arrangements for, Hearings

Recommendation 2

1.5 Any Report of the Majority of the Committee should be consigned to the scrapheap.


I don't want to labour the point - but it's worth a look at Chairman Brick's deft political management in manoeuvring through the Senate to get his enquiry up:

Creation of Enquiry

2.1 Before setting out the full Terms of Reference for the Committee, it is instructive for a proper understanding of the Enquiry and its Report, for the manner in which the Enquiry was created, to be noted.

2.2 The Original Motion proposing Terms of Reference took the following courses.

(i) On the 28th August, 2014 the Leader of the Palmer United Party in the Senate, Senator Lazurus sought Leave to treat as a Formal Motion a Motion to establish a Select Committee on Certain Aspects of Queensland Government. Leave was denied.

(ii) On 23rd September, 2014 the Leader of the Palmer United Party sought Leave to amend his Notice of Motion relating to the establishment of the Select Committee which was agreed but formality was denied. Senator Lazarus then moved Suspension of Standing Orders so that he could put the Motion and this was carried.

(iii) Senator Lazarus then moved that all debate be gagged and the Motion be put but this was defeated.

(iv) Debate then ensued but Senator Lambie from the Palmer United Party then moved the gag and this was ultimately carried.

(v) Senator Lazarus’ Motion was then put but an amendment was moved by Senator Abetz on behalf of the Government to have the Terms of Reference varied to include an examination from the 21st March, 2009 effectively including an examination of the Bligh Labor Government.

(vi) The amendment was put and carried, with the Greens Political Party voting with the Government.

(vii) The amended Motion was then put but was defeated when the Labor Party joined the Government to defeat it, with only the Greens Political Party and Palmer United Party supporting it.

2.3 (i) On the 30th September, 2014, the Leader of the Palmer United Party, Senator Lazarus again moved substantially the same Motion to establish the Select Committee and when Leave to introduce that Motion was denied, Senator Lazarus moved for suspension of Standing Orders so that he could move the substantially similar Motion which had been amended only to allow the Committee to investigate the Newman LNP Government, negating the previous week’s Motion that included the Bligh Labor Government in its investigation.

(ii) The Motion was carried with the Opposition, Greens Political Party and Palmer United Party supporting it.

2.4 Whilst paragraph (a) of the Terms of Reference related to an Enquiry during the term of the Newman Government, the other Terms of Reference (numbered (b) to (g)) were, in error by the mover, not so restricted and consequently the actions of the Bligh Labor Government were able to be investigate although during the course of the Enquiry, the majority of Members of the Committee avoided any scrutiny of the Bligh Government.


He is now chairing another Senate Enquiry on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation with a report due in March 2016 so we'll see what fist he makes of it. It looks like another controversial enquiry heavy on ALP members happy to be led down the garden path by the Brick with Eyes.

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The "education" video for 12 year olds - girls can be boys and boys can be girls.

Another busy day, what will I wear?   Will I drive or catch the train?   And what gender will I be?

This video is for years 7 and 8.   Children as young as 12.   

The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships - Freedom fighters (Gender). (Yrs 7 - 8)


If you can do without the whole tedious collection of hackneyed lines taken from various movies, Monty Python etc go to a bit before 7 minutes.   

It is part of a series of videos - made by these people:

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS)Mission

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) is a centre for social research into sexuality, health and the social dimensions of human relationships. It works collaboratively and in partnership with communities, community-based organisations, government and professionals in relevant fields to produce research that advances knowledge and promotes positive change in policy, practice and people's lives.


This mission will be achieved by pursuing the following three aims:

Aim 1: Build new knowledge

Aim 2: Build research impact

Aim 3: Build a strong research centre

Who funds the ARCSHS?

ARCSHS receives funding from a range of sources including national competitive grant funding through the Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council, contracts and consultancies with state and federal government departments, and grants from non-government organisations, philanthropic organisations and industry.

What does it do?


We conduct research projects across a range of areas related to sex, health and society.



ARCSHS offers supervision for postgraduate study at Master’s and Doctoral levels.


Publications and resources

Search and download publications by staff and students.


Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria

GLHV aims to enhance and promote the health and well being of LGBTI people in Victoria.

Guest story from a reader about the ungracious, unprincipled Brick With Eyes



This story was written by Seeker of Truth after the ungracious, unprincipled Brick With Eyes accepted an invitation to dinner at the Prime Minister's official residence only to walk out mid-way through the courses.  

Apparently the taxpayer funded fare was presented in insufficient quantity to fortify the Lazarus frame - and the great patriot's powers of reasoning presented The Brick with just one solution.   The one the Anzacs and the Maroons would have taken when the chips were down.

Find an American Fast-Food franchise.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.55.29 am

Here's our budding features writer Seeker of Truth.


Lazarus is an ungracious unprincipled buffoon.

Riding on the coat tails of the Palmer United Party to get into the Senate; enjoying Clive's largesse for many months while being aware of what a nutjob Clive was then jumping ship because Lazarus' wife lost her job in the PUP's Canberra office for non attendance while pursuing her own political career in Qld. In May 2015 Lazarus then sets up his own the "Glenn Lazarus Team" political.

He took this action so that he could employ his wife to overcome Abbott's Nov 2013 rule that MPs and Senators cannot employ family members. It is the Glenn Lazarus Team that is providing Senator Lazarus with secretarial services etc in his Canberra office.

Lazarus is in Parliament for all he and his wife can get out of it. Their egos are as big as Clive's. Bugger Australia.

By the way, if a free dinner is not to your liking, it is extremely bad manners to embarrass the host by criticising the meal. This buffoon doesn't know anything about manners and he has used the meal to tip a load of shit on Turnbull in his efforts to get these fools in the Senate to pass legislation that will save the nation millions. Lazarus' stated purpose in setting up the Glenn Lazarus Team is help to address high unemployment, crippling drought and the need for economic growth in Queensland. He can't achieve any of this without a bit of compromise.

What a fool.


Great research, new angle I hadn't seen elsewhere, brief and punchy with a clear opinion.   Great work Seeker!

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Who is our enemy?

Ross Eastgate has a great read in today's Townsville Bulletin.   The Bullie has positioned Ross's story with a headline "Costly War on Terror"   but I think that limits Ross's piece and shapes reaction to it.  I read Ross as saying that when you go to war you should be very clear about just who is your enemy.  

Today we're all considering yesterday's Defence White Paper.   The poor buggers at Defence have to respond to the government's wishes.   I wish our government would be much clearer for all our sakes and just say it.   We are at war with Islamism.


Costly war on terror



FOR those of us serving on September 11, 2001 it remains a day never to be forgotten.

Then Chief of Army General Peter Cosgrove was in ­Malaysia at an Asia-Pacific chief of staffs’ conference.

They were at a cocktail party when the US chief of staff and others including General Cosgrove were taken aside and briefed on unfolding events. Immediate plans were made to return attendees to their home commands.

Prime Minister John Howard was in Washington when one of the hijacked aircraft hit the Pentagon.

Senior ADF officers there stood transfixed in their Washington offices as TV coverage relayed the enormity of unfolding events.

Meanwhile in Canberra military bases were locked down so staff accommodated at them were prevented from leaving to travel to their desks at ADF HQ on Russell Hill.

There was no doubt these were momentous times with the potential for an enormous impact on the ADF.

Little did we know then how much or for how long.

 Deputy Army Chief Peter Leahy, who would follow Cosgrove as CA, was momentarily in charge.

Among his immediate staff was then Major David Kilcullen, now one of the most respected international advisers on Afghanistan affairs.

While the world including Australia was transfixed on events in the US, including the still haunting images of the Twin Towers collapse in Manhattan, ruthless accountants cunningly used the media distraction to place Ansett Airlines into receivership.


This was largely lost in the wider world events but complicated domestic travel in ­Australia.

At the Russell offices the most serious precaution taken was to close all internal venetian blinds so “snipers” could not see into the buildings from the high ground to the east.

We Australians can be determinedly pragmatic when required.

Australia provided a rapid military response, when as General Peter Leahy now confesses we were committed and retained by governments of all persuasions without a defined strategy.

No doubt Prime Minister Howard, who had been immediately involved and who invoked the ANZUS Treaty for the first time, did so from the best of motives.

However it still seems a curious way to make a prolonged commitment to a war which seems without end.

The toll of Australian lives lost on the battlefield is relatively small when compared to other historical Australian ­deployments.

This is in large part testament to the training and leadership of the contemporary ADF but it does not disguise the fact Australia has paid a high price for its commitment to the “war against terror”.

Bodies and minds damaged by service in this war are another matter, a never-ending burden for those affected.

And what has been achieved? The political decision to withdraw Australia’s military forces without tangible achievement, leaving a still unprepared Afghanistan to face a continuing threat, has left many veterans of that campaign feeling unfulfilled, if not cheated.

The concurrent costs to Australian veterans and their families has been enormous.

We need to ask why.


Or to put what I took from Ross's piece in much clearer terms, here's a prolific commentator on www.michaelsmithnews


Who is Australia's enemy!!

This woman is evil incarnate - video cameras didn't stop her but they'll make her pay for what she did

The word "carer" is used advisedly and ironically in this story.


You'll see from the comments below that while I posted this piece briefly yesterday I had a copyright dispute with YouTube about the vision.

I'm happy to say that after some toing and fro-ing I now have this note:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.29.34 am

Thanks to the UK's Mirror.

Shocking video shows carer 'beating grandmother with Alzheimer's in her own home'

The distressing footage has caused outrage online after it was posted on social media by the elderly lady's grandson


A horrified grandson captured a video of his grandmother seemingly being beaten by her carer in her own home after he decided to install hidden cameras.

The shocking footage allegedly shows the woman hitting the 94-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer several times across the face as she is sitting on her sofa. 

The woman's family had become suspicious in recent weeks that she might be suffering abuse and decided to install hidden cameras.

But they admitted they weren't prepared for what they saw.

Shocking: The carer is allegedly caught on camera hitting the grandmother

According to reports from Argentinian news site Canal 9, the family confronted the woman after viewing the footage, but she denied the allegations.

The woman's grandson then released the video on Facebook, alongside the caption: "Please share it for everyone to know and [the carer] not [to] work again."

A US Defense White Paper says wearing the Islamic hijab is "passive terrorism"

This 2011 white paper was recently updated and re-released by the US Air Force Research Laboratory:


One section of the White Paper makes very good sense to me, it's being reported in the US like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.29.14 am

A POLICY PAPER issued by the Air Force Research Laboratory, titled Countering Violent Extremism: Scientific Methods & Strategies, includes a chapter setting forth controversial and unsubstantiated theories of radicalization, including the idea that support for militant groups is driven by “sexual deprivation” and that headscarves worn by Muslim women represent a form of “passive terrorism.”

The paper, first published in 2011, was reissued by the Air Force lab this past summer following President Obama’s announcement of a national counter-extremism strategy. This January, the revised copy was published online by the open source research website Public Intelligence. A preface for the revised report cites a summit convened by Obama on extremism as a reason for revisiting the subject, adding that “the wisdom contained in this paper collection is more relevant than ever.”

(one of the authors of a section of the paper Dr Tawfik Hanid)  claims that support for militancy is primarily a product of sexual deprivation and that terrorism bears relation to religious dress. His ideas for combating terrorism thus include “addressing the factors underlying [sexual] deprivation” among young men, as well as “weakening the hijab phenomenon.” Hamid further claims that, along with fundamentalist ideology, the “hijab contribute[s] to the idea of passive terrorism” and represents an implicit refusal to “speak against or actively resist terrorism.”

The extraordinary amount of personal effort from the Chief and Vice Chief of Navy in developing Islamic uniforms for the RAN

The papers in the Scribd reader box below were released by the ADF in answer to an FOI request a few days ago.

What I found startling was the amount of work each of the Chief of Navy and the Vice Chief of Navy put in to the research, justifications, Islamic dress descriptions and rationales for the way Muslims dress etc etc etc.  This was clearly an exercise that was driven from the very top.




And all of that effort so that Mona Shindy could go from being unquestionably one of us:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.07.46 am

to being something very, very different.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.08.07 am


Turnbull Government to "invest" $1.6 billion to build defence industry skills, drive competitiveness and export potential while harnessing innovation and expertise

Have you ever read a sentence so packed with buzzwords that conveyed so little meaning as the one above.   It's taken from this announcement out today.   Rather than relying on the spin doctoring below, I'm reading the white paper and the budgets to get a sense of where we're headed in Defence.   But more important than the numbers is the right leadership and culture.   Gillard and Stephen Smith emasculated the ADF, giving us:

  • The Islamic Advisor Mona Shindy
  • David Morrison with his gender, diversity, deceit and deception agenda
  • Rear Admiral Robyn Walker as Chief Medical Officer who stated publicly that "we know that PTSD does not come from military service, rather you get it from domestic violence or car crashes".
  • Various very public inquiries into the ADF which appeared to have been established with the purpose of creating justification for very far reaching cultural changes to the traditions and esprit de corps that used to be a part of a life in the Defence Forces.

Turnbull is not a great deal better than Gillard.  As Greg Sheridan said a few days ago, Turnbull doesn't get Defence at all.

Defence portfolio suffers in Malcolm Turnbull era


The big loser in the latest ministerial reshuffle was the defence portfolio. 

It has consistently been the loser in the five months of the Turnbull government. This is causing serious heartburn among those Coalition politicians who most care about defence and ­national security.

With the resignations of Stuart Robert and Mal Brough, and the promotion of Darren Chester, every single junior minister and assistant minister in the defence portfolio is new and inexperienced. They join Defence Minister Marise Payne, who herself had no significant defence experience ­before getting the portfolio five months ago.

Payne’s office is dominated by her chief of staff, Megan Lees, who held the same position when Payne was at Human Services and, like Payne, has no background in defence.


Now here's today's press release.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.38.08 am

The 2016 White Paper is a comprehensive and responsible long-term plan to ensure Australia’s national security.

It is the culmination of detailed analysis of our strategic environment, our defence priorities and objectives, and the capabilities required to achieve these outcomes.

For the first time, the White Paper released today by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Defence Minister Marise Payne fully aligns strategy, capability and resources to make the Australian Defence Force (ADF) more capable, agile and potent.

The Turnbull Government is increasing Defence spending by $29.9 billion over the next decade.

The defence strategy and capability plans have been independently costed to ensure they are achievable and affordable.

The Turnbull Government has also set a new benchmark for transparency and funding certainty by releasing an Integrated Investment Program and Defence Industry Policy Statement.

The fully costed, ten-year Integrated Investment Program brings together all capability-related investment including new weapons, platforms, infrastructure and science and technology.

The Defence Industry Policy Statement will transform Defence’s relationship with industry.

The Turnbull Government will invest $1.6 billion over 10 years in programs to build industry skills, drive competitiveness and export potential while harnessing Australian innovation and expertise.

These investments in Australian industry and technologies will generate benefits beyond the Australian defence industrial base which flow into the rest of the economy, delivering jobs and encouraging innovation for regional businesses and communities across Australia.

The implementation of the First Principles Review of Defence and the organisation’s ongoing commitment to cultural reform will be critical to realising the Turnbull Government’s White Paper goals.

The White Paper recognises Australia’s security and prosperity is directly tied to the stability of our region and to the maintenance of a stable, rules-based global order.

In the period to 2035, Australia will have greater opportunities for prosperity and development but it will also face greater uncertainty. We need to be prepared.

The White Paper positions Defence to respond to a broader range of security threats to Australians at home and abroad.

The Government will invest in new capability across the ADF including:

  • A continuous naval shipbuilding program commencing with nine future frigates and 12 offshore patrol vessels.
  • 12 new regionally-superior submarines, with the commitment to maximise Australian industry involvement in acquisition and sustainment, to be finalised through the Competitive Evaluation Process.  
  • Enhanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space, electronic warfare and cyber capabilities.
  • Advanced training, modern equipment, health care and logistics systems to support ADF personnel.
  • Comprehensive upgrades to Defence infrastructure across Australia to support our larger future force, including key bases, training and testing ranges and fuel and explosive ordnance facilities.
  • Modernised information management, operational communications, and command and control systems.

Australians can be confident the Turnbull Government will continue to deliver on its most important task – defending our nation and protecting and promoting our national interests.

The 2016 Defence White Paper, Integrated Investment Program and Defence Industry Policy Statement are available at