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Pakistan Mufti rules Women's Protection Bill is contrary to Islamic Sharia - "men have authority over women"

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Cleric terms Women’s Protection Bill contrary to Islamic Sharia

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A prominent cleric has termed the “Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2015”, passed by the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday, in conflict with the Islamic Sharia, and accused the Nawaz Sharif government of pushing the country towards ‘secularism’.

The bill was adopted by the provincial assembly on Wednesday, making all crimes against the women an offence including domestic violence, emotional, psychological and economic abuse, verbal abuse, stalking, abetment of an offence, and cyber crimes.

According to the new law, a toll-free number (UAN) will also be introduced to receive complaints while a district protection committee will be setup to investigate women’s complaints in this regard.

Reacting to the development, Jamia Binoria International chief cleric Mufti Muhammad Naeem said in a statement that the bill was contrary to teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Terming the bill a bid to suppress men at the hands of women, he said violence against women can be controlled by giving them rights allocated for them in the Sharia.

Mufti Naeem strongly opposed the bill and expressed his concerns over it, calling it a ‘tragedy’.

“Rulers under their mental slavery of the West are forgetting their social values also,” he remarked in the statement.

Violence against women has been criminalized in Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) which is a federal law. Acts of domestic violence are also an offence under various sections of PPC, and punishments for these have been prescribed in this federal law too.

Cleric terms Women’s Protection Bill contrary to Islamic Sharia | Pakistan Today