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Taxpayers foot another Turnbull election advertising campaign - "being active makes girls feel good"

How is Turnbull different from Rudd?  Today his government launches yet another multi-million $$$ expensive advertising and PR campaign to advise young women that "being active makes you feel good".

This is one of the ads that starts screening tonight.

You can visit the flash expensive website here

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.01.47 am

Rudd mucked around in health for what seems interminable months.   The buck would stop with him - apparently by visiting hospitals for local TV news bulletins.  What became clear after that agony was that health delivery is a state responsibility.   Federal contributions like this series of ads are at the very, very least discretionary and collateral contributions to the states' delivery programs.

So in this time of budget emergency, where does Turnbull get off?

Here's his hopefully embarrassed minister.

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