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Gillard's Global Partnership for Education comes in for scathing criticism after adverse tribunal finding against top management

The CFMEU's Luke Collier, in jail for assault, is still a CFMEU official. Here's how the CFMEU treats his victims.

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CFMEU organiser Luke Collier jailed for assault

Construction union organiser Luke Collier is serving three months in jail after being convicted of assault during a confrontation with members of the Australia First Party.

Collier, who remains employed by the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, is facing separate legal action over his allegedly expletive-laden abuse of a female inspector employed by the national building watchdog.

A Senate committee hearing in Canberra on Friday heard that Collier was jailed in December after being convicted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court over his conduct during a clash with Australia First members in 2014.

Collier was convicted of two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault and affray, and entering premises with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Upon his expected release in March, he will face criminal charges by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution over his alleged intimidation of inspectors from the Fair Work Building and Construction inspectorate.

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We've reported on this bloke's shocking record here:

Here's Eric Abetz writing yesterday 

Shorten left red faced over Collier convictions

Reports today that senior CFMEU boss Luke Collier has been jailed for two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault and affray and entering premises with intent to commit an indictable offence require a full and detailed explanation by Bill Shorten.
An explanation for starters as to why, for more than 18 months, he and Brendan O’Connor sent Labor Senator Doug Cameron into Senate Estimates to run a cringe worthy defence for Mr Collier and seeking to attack Fair Work Building and Construction for investigating Mr Collier.
“These convictions are deeply troubling and are now an addition to Mr Collier’s list of prior convictions,” Senator Abetz said.
Mr Shorten needs to explain what on earth motivated him and the Labor Party to run this attempted defence of Mr Collier and attack the FWBC during Senate Estimates."
“Senator Cameron’s running of defence for Mr Collier was either a frolic of his own which shows an appalling judgement by a senior Shadow Minister. Or Senator Cameron was simply doing the bidding of his superiors Messers Shorten and O’Connor in which case it is their judgement which is appalling. Mr Shorten must explain by whose authority Senator Cameron embarked on this attempted defence of Mr Collier.”
“This attempted defence of Mr Collier was run despite the multiple allegations against him including calling a female Fair Work Inspector a ‘f**king s*ut’, multiple issues identified by the Heydon Royal Commission and the fact he had his right of entry permit suspended after failing to declare a string of prior convictions last year.”
“It is this kind of behaviour that gives the trade union movement a bad name and Mr Shorten having one of his senior Shadow Ministers so publicly and blatantly identified with Mr Collier demonstrates how unfit the Labor team is to be entrusted with the privilege of the Government of Australia."
There are so many CFMEU officials adversely named by the TURC and recommended for prosecution that it's hard to know where to start - and with very few exceptions, those officials remain employed by the CFMEU.
So spare a thought for whistleblowers within the CFMEU ranks.  The treatment meted out to them is shocking.
I feel for David Holmes and his family.   He had the joy of Luke Collier in his face passing on the following alleged message, "You c**t.  You are not welcome here".
I understand that Mr Collier can be a little intimidating.   I understand that despite this recent conviction the CFMEU refuses to investigate allegations made against Mr Collier by Mr Holmes and at least two others.   The 3 victims - sacked.   Collier?   Still on the books.   And people wonder...........
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This action is currently before the Federal Court.   We will keep you posted.