More problems for DFAT and The Clintons over $70M we appear to have donated to a conman
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The Political Parties for Democracy program "re-emerged" after Tony Abbott shut it down - I've written to the PM and responsible Minister

As Seeker of Truth and others point out - the 51 documents in this FOI from DFAT set out the diligent and complete way Julie Bishop and her staff closed down the Political Parties for Democracy program in early 2014.

Here's the letter to the Labor Party advising it the carnival was over.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.36.43 am

I wrote to Julie Bishop's Department this morning to find out why the program appears to have re-surfaced.  It was a very pleasant surprise to receive such a helpful and prompt note from one of Ms Bishop's senior advisers a short time ago.

As a result of the advice I received I've written to the Finance Minister Mathias Corman and the Prime Minister Mr Turnbull - and to their most senior advisors.

Michael Smith <[email protected]>

5:52 AM (9 minutes ago)
Dear C, D and K,
I've written to Minister Corman and the PM - perhaps you could head this issue off at the pass and get back to me with a statement?   It refers to Shorten's comments this morning on the Political Parties for Democracy program.
Dear Minister Corman,
I am advised that the Political Parties for Democracy program which was cancelled by the Abbott Government in February 2014 has "re-emerged" within the Department of Finance.
Perhaps you could let me know when it "re-emerged" and why?
Michael Smith