Craig Laundy MP lectures Australians, "not well informed and wrong" about Muslims - so you'll love his 2014 speech to parliament
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This is "Stab the Jew", a children's game popular with Parliamentary Friends of Palestine chair Craig Laundy's mates


Craig Laundy puts a fair bit of time and effort into promoting his Muslim friends in Palestine (do not give the Jews even an inch).   He's the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine.   He features at lots of UN type functions and he goes on the ABC's Radio National shows to help out too.

He was here expressing solidarity with the "Palestinian people":

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.55.29 pm

Craig Laundy MP said he is honoured to co-convene this group and that he believes that the change will come from the grassroots and with parliamentarians faithfully representing their constituents.

International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

And don't the Palestine Advocacy Network just love him!

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Ismail al WahWah is on the same side as Craig on the Palestine/Israel issue.

Here's a sermon he gave in Sydney, Australia with a friendly reminder to Muslims about their duty to kill Jews.


That might sound like incitement to murder to non-members of Parliamentary Friends of Palestine.   Maybe it helps to have friends in high places like co-chair Craig Laundy MP.   Because Friend of Palestine Ismail al-WahWah is in the clear - NSW Police refused to take action against him.

Craig LAUNDY reckons he bases his "informed and correct" views about Muslims on the facts.  Most people who criticise Muslims are just wrong and ill informed, according to Co-Chair-Craig.

Here are a facts about the company you're keeping Mr Laundy.