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7 minutes from Malcolm on nothing to do with Islam terrorism - Muslims-dont-do-terror-Malcolm offers more love

Turnbull decries terrorism, says Terrorists are cowardly and says we are united in this battle against Terrorism.   This Terrorist threat is a very real one - it reminds us about the importance of secure borders and strong intelligence  and security organisations - he says the intelligence services in Australia are very, very focussed.

On what Malcolm?   Terrorism of course.

Is that the country we are at war with, Terrorism.?  Sorry it's not a country.

Is that the group we are war with, Terrorism.   Sorry, it's not a group either.

You see Malcolm, Terrorism is a technique.    It's like saying we are at war against bullets and bombs.   We will stand in solidarity with our friends in Europe in their war to defeat bullets and bombs.

Turnbull goes into chapter and verse about how Terrorism is frightful and cowardly and awful.   But compare and contrast his answer when Keiran Gilbert quotes Trump on the Muslims behind these terror attacks and asks Turnbull to comment on the Muslim Jihadi terror threat here.

Suddenly - and without using the word Muslim - we are all one people, all united in harmony, no one should be ostracised.   When Gilbert narrows the field down to talking about Muslims and Jihad, that scary and awful Terrorism becomes something that should not affect us, we should go about our daily lives normally etc etc etc.

This bloke has shut down his rational faculties and replaced them with fantasy land niceness - where Terrorism is something we all condemn unless it's Muslim terrorism in which case we offer love in return.


Here is another of the Left's show ponies Justin Trudeau with the standard Leftist "solidarity, stand together against Terrorism" etc response without mentioning Islam or Muslims.

Just hours later he sent this message to the world which must offer immense comfort to Islamists and dread to the families of people who have been killed by Jihadis.

Meanwhile we're told this man is a threat?