Chairman Mal's tax innovation and Bob Brown the innovative predecessor with an industry built on tax
Vale the late Ronnie Corbett 1930 - 2016

Carpetbagger Mal's innovation agenda - watch these classic 8 year old US IBM ads on Turnbull's discredited snake oil

Now for a practical look at innovation in action - watch the innovation from Turnbull's ministry before he rolled Tony Abbott.

This is the innovation - instead of a written annual report published online, Chairman Mal's secretary here introduces the video camera which is used to record a video fillum.   That video fillum was then uploaded to an innovation called Youtube where instead of being able to turn to the page you want in the Annual Report, you can watch and listen to the video fillum where the Chairman's guy craps on and on and on.

And the verdict on the innovation?   Since October last year, 527 Australians have smashed Youtube to catch the Innovation Flame.


Thanks so much to Stu of NT for those classic IBM ads.   Anyone know a good bespoke tailor, Malcolm needs some clothes.

PS - Malcolm, you've been around the white-shoe brigade for long enough to understand the cash and credibility burn rates associated with big ideas businesses.   That you still promote the idea that if you say innovation enough somehow things will happen is bad enough.   But that you infect others like young Wyatt Roy with your expensive makebelieve in lieu of doing things is unforgivable.