Ralph Blewitt wants the letter from Bill Ludwig's lawyers to Slater and Gordon about slush fund money in the Kerr Street purchase
Hillary Clinton "if you see a bully, stand up to him". Unless the bully is Hillary, if so ask for $1M and settle for $500K.

Could Mike Baird be more out of touch? And warnings from the wise on the folly of pretending

Exhibit One

Tasteless, self-interested exploitation on Baird's part - the sort of thing we expected from Rudd and Gillard.

This media alert warns of an impending awkward, stiff encounter between a shameless premier prepared to use people as a backdrop to his self-promotion and a family who are said to have just arrived here from unspeakable conditions in as foreign a culture from ours as one could imagine.   How does it benefit anyone for Mr Baird's team to parade the lucky contestants who get to feature in the story of Mike's Magnificence today, sorry to all those who missed out on selection - (hint for next time, get a cute kid or two in on your act).

This reminds me of circuses of old where audiences would roll up to stare at the exotic freak show people.  Look, real refugees, which one do you think looks the most distressed?

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Exhibit Two - the pretence lingers

More love from the great pretenders who took root during Rudd and are flowering for Malcolm.

Now hear this, now hear this, Australia celebrates today.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.42.35 am

Exhibit three - the warning from Europe


Douglas Murray gave this speech in the United States in January 2013.

The awful truth about Islamism is simple.

Unless we confront and destroy it, it will destroy us.

The longer we pretend otherwise the harder our task.

Malcolm Turnbull has a plan to stop Islamic terror against the West. More love for Muslims.

According to the Turnbull response to terror, when we love Islam enough, Islam will cease attacking our civilisation.

Turnbull's right - of course. When we've all signed up to loving Islam, there'll be no West to attack. Until then, Malcolm, all the love in the world won't keep them away.