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It took Obama to explain to Turnbull that Indonesia's morphing into a more fundamentalist & Arabic society - because of Saudi influence

This very lengthy interview in The Atlantic magazine is an eye-opener.

In the extract below Obama tells of Turnbull's ignorance of the Saudi/Wahabbist/Madrassas/Indonesian influence.

Apec was held in November 2015.   Since then Turnbull appears to have forgotten even Obama's appreciation of the growing fundamentalist threat and proliferation of Wahabbist Islam in large pockets of Indonesia.  Turnbull quotes Indonesia's President Widodo and points to Indonesia as a successful secular democracy where Islam resides peacefully alongside other cultural institutions.

Turnbull's benign observations about Indonesia are dangerous.   We are sitting idly by as Islamism grows stronger in our largest neighbor.

Aceh is a very strong case in point.   Australia showered that province with more than $1BN in money after the Tsunami.  The result of our "investment"?



Here's The Atlantic with Obama on Turnbull - photographed together here minutes after their meeting at APEC 2015.

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Though he (Obama) has argued, controversially, that the Middle East’s conflicts “date back millennia,” he also believes that the intensified Muslim fury of recent years was encouraged by countries considered friends of the U.S. In a meeting during apec with Malcolm Turnbull, the new prime minister of Australia, Obama described how he has watched Indonesia gradually move from a relaxed, syncretistic Islam to a more fundamentalist, unforgiving interpretation; large numbers of Indonesian women, he observed, have now adopted the hijab, the Muslim head covering.

Why, Turnbull asked, was this happening?

Because, Obama answered, the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs have funneled money, and large numbers of imams and teachers, into the country. In the 1990s, the Saudis heavily funded Wahhabist madrassas, seminaries that teach the fundamentalist version of Islam favored by the Saudi ruling family, Obama told Turnbull. Today, Islam in Indonesia is much more Arab in orientation than it was when he lived there, he said.

“Aren’t the Saudis your friends?,” Turnbull asked.

Obama smiled. “It’s complicated,” he said.

 Turnbull is a naive dilletante.  Even after hearing from Obama (of all people) about the dangers of Saudi money, just a few days ago Turnbull let loose with a paean of praise for the head loppers and one of their chief promoters here the CEO of Australia Post Ahmed Fahour.   



You can see what Saudi money is doing around the world.   We are not immune.

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