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Malcolm Turnbull's heroic achievement, reinvigorating Labor under Bill Shorten

The Labor Party is starting to believe it could win the next election.

That is the great tragedy of Turnbull and his innovation.   

An old adage applies almost perfectly for people like Turnbull.    Those who can do, those who can't teach innovation.

Turnbull's plan for the economy is innovation.  Innovating what?  Everything.

It's quite reasonable to ask "What's innovation?"

Turnbull would say something like "It means to encourage creative ideas and bring those ideas to market".

"Oh, like Facebook or Google or hybrid cars?'

Turnbull, "Exactly".

So do we have a few of those brewing, actionable investments?   Are there solid cash flows on the way to replace iron ore or coal revenues?

No.   We don't have industries.   We have innovation.

I've no idea what countries are planing on big innovation purchases.  I don't know how much innovation sells for or where the markets are.

But it's easy to find out.

Try it on your bank manager.  Ask for an unsecured $1M loan with a plan to pay it back based on innovation.

Turnbull has absolutely no flamin' idea.

If you can stomach it, watch the Labor ranks as Tony Burke carves up the sitting Turnbull duck.

A mandate wasted.   A broken budget unfixed.  A majority gone.   And absolutely nothing to show for it.

Except for the self-satisfied smirk of the soulless man who has no idea why he's there.