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My editorial today - the children in this photo and Craig Thomson's reprimand

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Children, it is wrong to tell lies (and get caught).   How wrong?   Depends really on whether you have an important job or not, how big the lie is, whether another liar like Julia Gillard is your friend.

Today the Australian Parliament decided that Craig Thomson's lies were about as big as they come.  

After several years of investigations and reams of evidence, today the Parliament came back with its verdict.  Craig Thomson is guilty of lies so big, he is therefore also guilty of Contempt, the biggest crime you can commit in the Parliament.

And the punishment?   You won't want to tell lies after this children, because this is what happens to liars.   

Craig has been reprimanded and the reason for that punishment is that he told the biggest lies at the most important place in the country.

And for that, they gave him a slap on the wrist.
  1. 1
    a mild reprimand or punishment.
    "the few perpetrators prosecuted only got a slap on the wrist"
    synonyms: reprimandrebukereproofscoldingadmonition, admonishment, reprovalMore


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