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Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop's department pretends the de-registered Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc never existed

Note to PM's office - who authorised No Jab No Pay material published by "The Turnbull Government"

Michael Smith 

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Emailed to two of the PM's senior staff
I've attached a copy of marketing communications material published by the Prime Minister today on the PM's Twitter Service with the message "No Jab No Pay".
Is the advertising material published by the Prime Minister Government advertising or political advertising?
If it is Government advertising, what is the "Turnbull Government"?
If it is Political Advertising where is the political advertising disclaimer pointing out who authorised the material and for which party?
Yours sincerely, 
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I just want to know what he's doing with his chief of staff.

Kidding, everyone knows it's the Country he's doing over.

Wayne shaft

Malcolm Turnbull initials MT and he is EMPTY empty of new ideas , empty of policies , just an all round MT vessel , I even have my doubts about his claims about how nimble and agile he is , think I'll go with the last four letters of his sir name , sadly looks like we're stuck with an MT BULL national leader .🐝🐝🐝🐸🐸🐰


At 3 months of age I vaccinated our first son and I thought he was going to die. I went back for his second vaccination and he was hospitalised!

I didn't vaccinate the second and third boys (now 21 & 18). 2 years ago I debated with our now young adult offspring on what they wanted to do as one of them was agitating to get vaccinated. They both wanted to go ahead, so we submitted to the program. I don't know if I did the right thing on the first occasion or the second.

I wonder if vaccination is a wonder of modern science or gene manipulation...... Either way if a Government is pushing an agenda I have real issues with that agenda, particularly if it comes from a Goldman Sachs NWO stooge.


This is such a contentious issue, they really needed to get their story straight.


Never mind his chief of staff, Nikki Savva should have a chat with the nanny Mal and Lucy had for the kids. At least there is truth in that one, not some bullshit conjecture and innuendo that she is trying so pathetically to throw at TA and PC.

Michelle Two

They had the year 7 vaccines at school about 3 weeks ago I didn't sign my son up because I'm not sure yet if I want them all done like the cardsil one so I told them I will do it privately at the doctors when I am ready or make up my mind if he will get them my co worker keeps asking me if he had them yet. It is funny because the week before they were due I was getting a lot of Facebook posts on my wall about the dangers in vaccinations with stories of kids and even an adult that had to get the whooping cough one before he could hold his newborn it put him in a coma. I did give him the other jabs when baby/toddler though so I will ponder on it for a while before deciding knowing what I know now though about our bodies and how connected to healing them ourselves and the spiritual side of what we can achieve through thoughts and intentions .. those posts on FB might of been warning signs for me, because my son is so much like me I don't want to harm him in any way.


Now that people are forced to vaccinate their children there will be a new vaccine every month, the drug companies will be making Billions out of this.
Don;t believe me, when has any drug company or even the WHO stepped back from pumping something into someone even if it was going to make billions for them, are they going to accountable for the deaths, didn't think so.


This link might interest you and Michelle Two. Doctor Tent has many lectures and his audiences are mainly physicians. I've watched most of them and they're very informative.


Here is another link to all his lectures worth watching.


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