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Welcome to Turnbull, you're standing in it!

Part Two - The Clinton Foundation's de-registered HIV/Aids Initiative - "This is not Charity"

To recap Part One

Until 2013 Bill Clinton was not a director, trustee, manager, delegated attorney or representative of the tax-exempt charitable organisation the Clinton Foundation (which changed its name from the William J Clinton Presidential Foundation and other variants over time).  

The approved scope of the Clinton Foundation in 2006 did not extend to fundraising for HIV/Aids.

The Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc was formed in 2004 and operated from Massachusetts.


In 2008 Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc was dissolved by regulators

The entity's license to operate was revoked by authorities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by an order published on 31 March 2008, taking operative effect from 31 December 2007.

Here is a copy of the extract:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.45.30 am

I wrote to the Massachusetts authorities last Monday:

From: Michael Smith <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Request for copy of certificate of revocation
To: [email protected]


I am an Australian Journalist reporting on our government's contributions to certain charitable entities in the United States.

I am interested in the revocation of the certificate of incorporation issued to Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Incorporated.


Later that day an officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (whose details have been forwarded by me to the Australian DFAT) replied, stating:

The entity was dissolved by our office for failure to file annual reports in consecutive years.



Australia's dealings with the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc

This DFAT FOI release discloses the following agreements with the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.07.43 am

The Austender.gov.au website discloses the following contractual agreements:


AusAID and Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS

CN ID CN60579    
Agency Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Publish Date 13-Feb-2008 
Category Healthcare Services
Contract Period 31-Jul-2006 to 30-Jul-2009 
Contract Value (AUD) $5,257,378.50 

Last Updated: 13-Feb-2008 5:53 pm (ACT Local time)Full Details

China Clinton Foundation - Xinjiang HIV/AIDS Treatment

CN ID CN60580    
Agency Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Publish Date 13-Feb-2008 
Category Healthcare Services
Contract Period 31-Jul-2006 to 30-Sep-2009 
Contract Value (AUD) $1,840,322.00 

Last Updated: 13-Feb-2008 5:53 pm (ACT Local time)Full Details

AusAID and Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative: Indonesia Program...

CN ID CN119937    
Agency Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Publish Date 12-Sep-2008 
Category Disease prevention and control
Contract Period 1-Oct-2007 to 31-Oct-2010 
Contract Value (AUD) $4,323,000.00 

Last Updated: 12-Sep-2008 1:24 pm (ACT Local time)Full Details

The AusAID and Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative: Papua New Guinea

CN ID CN310696    
Agency Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Publish Date 15-Jul-2010 
Category Health administration services
Contract Period 14-Aug-2006 to 31-Dec-2010 
Contract Value (AUD) $15,127,586.10 

Last Updated: 15-Jul-2010 3:08 pm (ACT Local time)Full Details

This announcement shows SenatorBob McMullen signing an Agreement with the Clinton Foundation HIV Aids Initiative Inc in 2008, after its de-registration was effective.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.15.36 am

Media Release

20 February 2008

Australia & Clinton Foundation Team Up to Combat HIV in Indonesia 

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, said he welcomed yesterday’s announcement that Australia would contribute A$3.9 million (Rp32 billion) through the Clinton Foundation to help combat HIV in Indonesia. 

Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance, Bob McMullan, yesterday signed a A$3.9 million agreement with Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Chair, Ira Magaziner, in Canberra. 

The new funding for Indonesia is part of a A$25 million Australian Government commitment to support the Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative in the Asia Pacific region from 2006 to 2010. 

Work funded through this agreement is already underway in Vietnam, China and Papua New Guinea, where the Foundation is working with governments and other partners to increase the availability of high-quality AIDS care and treatment for people in need. 

“HIV is one of the greatest threats to economic and social development in the Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia,” Farmer said. “We are therefore committed to working with the Indonesian Government and partners like the Clinton Foundation to help combat HIV.” 

He said that under the MOU, Australia would work with the Clinton Foundation to improve access to life-saving drugs for people living with HIV and to increase the availability of diagnostic testing in Indonesia. 

This new funding is one component of the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for HIV. Over the next eight years, Australia will provide A$100 million to prevent and limit the spread of HIV in Indonesia, to improve the quality of life for people living with the virus, and to alleviate its socio-economic impact. 


This post-implementation report (which did not pick up on the deregistration) shows us dealing with the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc out until 2010.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.23.07 am

For the avoidance of doubt, here are definitions in the report's glossary

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.21.26 am

The Clinton Foundation itself did not possess the regulatory approvals to raise funds for the purposes of working on HIV/Aids.

It makes a hollow claim that in 2005 it merged the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc into the Foundation itself.

It did no such thing.   The process for moving the assets/operation of a US 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable entity are complex and extensive - those processes involving the Supreme Court are described here:


Rather than fess up to its deregistration, Clinton and his offside Ira Magaziner continued on as if nothing had happened.

This extract from The Atlantic magazine shows how the two conmen operated their HIV/Aids business.

The title "This is Not Charity" says it all, this was a business - and note the date, just months before their incorporated entity was dissolved.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.32.10 am

The story he tells is that in July 2002, when the foundation had only 12 employees (it now has hundreds working on HIV/AIDS alone), he and Nelson Mandela went to an AIDS conference in Spain, where the prime minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a small Caribbean country, said to him, “You know, we don’t have a denial problem, we don’t have a stigma problem. We have a money and an organizational problem.” The foundation began its AIDS efforts that year in the Bahamas, and immediately discovered that the government there was paying $3,600 a year per person for generic drugs whose list price was about $500. It turned out that middlemen were taking steep markups, which the foundation eliminated by making a deal with the manufacturer. “It got me to thinking about how once more we had a public-goods market that was not only underfinanced; it was disorganized,” Clinton says. 


Clinton can and certainly does raise money, but he didn’t have enough to endow a major grant-making foundation. What he did have was an ex- presidential bully pulpit, a deep Rolodex, the power to attract attention and talent, and an inkling that those assets might be used to do for public goods something like what entrepreneurs and investment bankers do in the corporate world: midwife new markets or scale up underdeveloped ones. The idea is to identify markets that aren’t supplying enough socially beneficial goods or services to meet the potential demand, and then to lead them to a new equilibrium. “What we tried to do,” Clinton says, “was to get them to go from what I call a ‘jewelry-store model’ to a ‘grocery-store model’—from a high-profit, low-volume, uncertain-payment business to a low-margin, high-volume, certain- payment business.” 

None of that was clear in the summer of 2002, when Clinton made the decision that may do more than anything to shape his postpresidential legacy. To launch his HIV initiative, he turned not to a philanthropist or public-health doctor or development professional. “It was a system thing,” he says. “It’s the absence of effective systems that I believe is the primary factor holding a lot of these countries back. We wanted people who could operate efficiently in the nonprofit field in the same way they had in business.” So he called a business consultant named Ira Magaziner.  

"Ira,” as everyone calls him, is a man with a past. He has been Clinton’s friend since they were at Oxford together, on Rhodes scholarships, in the late 1960s. Magaziner has had a two-track career as business consultant and social reformer, with more success at the former than at the latter. As a boy, he led a strike at his summer camp, and as a student at Brown University, he led a major curriculum reform. In the early 1970s, he organized a group of recent college graduates to live in the wilting postindustrial town of Brockton, Massachusetts, and work for social change—an idiosyncratic effort he later called naive. No less naively, in 1984 he led a state-appointed study commission that cooked up a 1,000-page industrial policy for Rhode Island. The voters rejected it by 4-to-1. In 1993, he repeated the Rhode Island mistake, this time on a heroic scale. The Clintons tapped him to manage their health-care reform. Again he produced an ambitious, complicated plan, this time running to 1,342 pages; again it bombed politically. Magaziner’s gift is his ability to see entire systems whole, from their smallest details to their global architecture. That made him a successful business consultant, but it did him little good on Capitol Hill, where any plan with more than two or three moving parts is too complicated. Magaziner was a parallel processor, an efficiency expert whose plans depended on simultaneous changes on multiple fronts and levels. He was ill-suited to Washington, where progress is serial and incremental. 

Stung, he worked for a while on Internet issues for the Clinton administration and then went back to consulting, which was what he was doing when Clinton called in 2002. Having by then replenished his bank account, he kept one business client and otherwise donated himself to the Clinton Foundation. He takes no salary, saying he wants to instill a volunteer ethic. 

I first met Magaziner in 1992, when he was working on the incoming Clinton administration’s transition team. His laser-like intensity and his command of detail were unmistakable then, and no less so when I reconnected with him for this article, in February. Now 59, he retains a quiet, composed demeanor and a rapid-fire manner of speaking, but what was once an unruly shock of gray curls is now a straight corporate cut. He rarely laughs or raises his voice. The words that people use again and again in connection with him are brilliant and driven. He thrives on impossible deadlines, and his stamina for travel beggars belief: He all but lives in hotels and airplanes, proselytizing, making contacts, initiating negotiations, closing deals. Staff members say they get e-mails from him at midnight and 5 a.m. Asked if his pace is sustainable, he replies, “I still feel 18. I have a feeling if I stop it will all catch up.”

Where exactly Clinton’s role in the foundation ends and Magaziner’s begins is not altogether clear, perhaps not even to them. Sometimes, to an outsider, they seem to share a brain. Clinton, clearly more than a figurehead, is chairman, guiding spirit, and the big gun strategically deployed for publicity and persuasion. “Without him as anchor and persona,” Magaziner says, “we’d be pounding sand.” Magaziner is effectively chief executive, strategist, recruiter, and senior negotiator, operating with what appears to be freewheeling authority. “We’ve worked together long enough so he trusts me,” Magaziner says of Clinton. 

The sensibility Magaziner brought to the AIDS assignment was that of a business strategist who had helped big companies—General Electric, Black & Decker, Corning—cut costs by consolidating orders, automating communications, and working with suppliers to find efficiencies. With Clinton’s cachet and idealism as a lure, Magaziner set about hiring people in his own image. He wanted people who knew how to put together a business plan, who understood how companies work, and who could talk to line executives in their own language. 

Starting with a staff of five, the foundation began visiting drug manufacturers. “I saw that the drugs, even the generic versions, were very high-priced,” Magaziner says, “and I knew that the inherent cost structure couldn’t be that high. I surmised that what was happening is that there were only 70,000 people being treated in the developing world. I surmised the manufacturers weren’t able to get scale economies in production. I began to see that we could aggregate enough demand to form what businesses call a buyers’ club.” 

So the foundation went to governments in Africa and the Caribbean and organized demand for AIDS drugs, obtaining intentions to place large orders if prices could be cut. It simultaneously went to drug companies, offering them a much larger and less-volatile market for AIDS drugs in return for lower prices based on the projected higher volume. Although the foundation asked for aggressive “forward pricing” to kick-start demand, it pointedly did not ask for donations or charity. “To be sustainable,” says Magaziner, “this can’t be a charitable act.” Rather, the foundation was offering a business proposition: If we get you the demand, can you get us the supply?

EXTRACT ENDS - there's more at The Atlantic website 

In Part Three my email to Julie Bishop's office - and DFAT's frightening response.


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Harry Jenkins

So where is the proof that the money went where it was purported to go?

I guess that cynics could suggest that administrative costs of running the entity were sidelined into funding to elect someone close to him as the next President of the US.

Or should that be to fund her coronation.

Could this scam just be a glimpse of the left going global?

No wonder that the left cabal hate Trump. He would rout the robber barons and they can't possibly allow that. The sooner the grand jury indicts HilLIARy the better of the world will be.

The most obvious serious question about all this is, why did the Australian Government need to siphon so much money through such an organisation when AusAid could have put it directly where it was needed, without involving a third party.

If it looks like a duck and it waddles and quacks like a duck then ........


Thug Life Bill Clinton - Political Suicide Game



Haha, when 'spontaneous' questions attack!

MSNBC Reporter Doesn't Know She's Live, Tips off Clinton Aide What She'll Ask Her


Ron of Brighton

Incredible. We, the taxpayers, have several million dollars quietly donated on our behalf to an "entity" that's been illegally represented, that doesn't actually exist, that's purportedly run by a known fraud.

It's interesting that the cash started flowing under Rudd/Gillard/Swan.

Given that the money was "paid" to an illegal / non-existent entity, how was it actually paid? Into what bank account? How can a non-existent entity have a bank account anyway?

We already know that Gillard has certain form in enabling the flow of money to contrived organisations.

One must ask - how much actually made its way to the Clintons, and how much made its way back home into other pockets.


Pre-International Women's Day celebrations in Sweden:


Should have sent them to Cambodia.

Doubtful John

Does the Clinton sham contribute to the global education junket? Are taxpayers $ being laundered back to Gillard?


Its no coincidence that young pensioned ex-Labor politicians are CEO's in many charities enjoying amongst things $500,000 p.a. wages to top up their pensions with deluxe world travel arrangements and like Malcolm Turnbull they all push the UN global warming scam.

Doubtful John


Any taxpayers Aus$ filtering from the non existent Clinton Entity to the GPE under the chairmanship of Gillard you might ask?

P҉M҉ G҉O҉L҉D҉M҉A҉N҉ S҉A҉C҉H҉S҉

The UN global warming scam has become a global charity called 'climate change'. PM Tony Abbott would not have a bar of it and devious Malcolm Turnbull plotted and got Abbott out of the way.

Dee Dee

Sorry OT.

Just listened to a Steve and Miranda 2gb podcast from last night.

What has happened to her since her break? She thinks that Connie should be congratulated for her setting the story straight to Savva. As well as being very negative towards Mr Abbott.

But what shocked me more was another negative story about Peta and Mr Abbott.

Accuses him of leaking when it is not leaking when you say it up front plus presumes just because he claps slowly for Turnbull he must want the top job again.

I knew from her previous stories that she held strong feelings against Peta Credlin, but now the same is directed towards Tony. I never thought that she would become one of the "get Abbott" brigade.

Seems that she is morphing into Nikki Savva an Abbott hater and Turnbull lover.

Edward James

I can't wait to read part three and the reply. My Federal MP Barnaby Joyce hasent responded to my approaches. I'm looking forward to my next question being answered not ignored!

seeker of truth

From personal experience, a solicitor will also do a full ASIC search on a legal entity involved in any financial transaction with his client to establish the registration status of that legal entity, to confirm its financial position and to verify the authority of their representative to enter into financial documents on behalf of that entity. This is a very basic principle to protect the client. The same applies if the entity is located outside of Australia.

It seems that DFAT has overlooked the basics and has opened itself up for corruption. Our Prime Ministers and DFAT were star struck by the personalities associated with the Clinton enterprises.

Fascinated observer

Short & sweet summation. ...

Stealing taxpayer $$$$$ to enrich a bunch of self anointed carpet bagging bullshit artists & the acolytes who support them to ensure they continue to enjoy the lifestyles they have decided the Taxpayer's 🏧 owes them somehow.



the lines
"The entity's license to operate was revoked by authorities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by an order published on 31 March 2008, taking operative effect from 31 December 2007."

this is interesting as it appears that Australia kept paying $$$ into a fund that did not exist as a legal charitable entity but is a Clinton business deal

where is our money Bill ?

Michelle Two

Great work detective but what is running through my mind is what was the money really for because I think there is a hidden agenda underneath all this money passing hands within each nation.. very sinister reasons and methods to control the populations in the affected countries.. those political elite work on these schemes and things behind closed doors so it is not about helping others but funding things that the NGO's and not-for profit groups get their rivers of gold on the outside it looks as if the true volunteers are there helping and assisting but they are struggling because of greed amongst the hierarchy in these groups that are after total control over humanity.. Pay off for something - surely the rulers in each nation could not be sucked in to a scam without knowing what is really going on within the walls of the Clinton Foundation as our own governments signed the contracts to keep them in the dough and then we have the likes of Ben Kramer and other union scrooges doing underhand work in other nations elections something is not right with all the things that are being revealed.. The crooks are now the law makers and looking after the nations security issues and there is a big trade in human trafficking as well and a lot of money being made through government taxes that is the base of this greed.

St. George

Michael, The problem is that the explanation above for the creation of this HIV entity sounds believeable, and an innovative/brillant resolution to a standard supply/demand business problem. Did AusAid actually donate to a 'charity' or did they actually know it was a business.

The next question is what did AusAid get for the money donated? I.e. how much was swallowed by Clinton/Magaziner as opposed to how much was used to purchase drugs? If clinton/magaziner did actually obtain and sell HIV drugs to developing countries, what was the buy/sell price? Some many questions to ask.

These types of transactions make Gillard's frauds seem insignificant! At the very least it should raise alarm bells in Parliament (not on the Labor side), but someone from the LNP or cross benches need to take this on. Just a thought, this type of activity is something the UN should do. It is part of the UN's charter to source and supply vaccination programs in developing/3rd world countries. What do the UN buy their HIV drugs for? This whole things is starting to smell like a dead whale on a beach.


Well, Trump has won Michigan and Mississipi. Looks
like he might be it. Cruz or Rubio can still win, but
no matter what, Trump seems Teflon coated. He 'says it
straight' and never backs down. Whether it's built on
sand or granite, it does show that if you stick to a
position and argue strongly, voters give you credit:
Don't believe that Trump will beat Hillary, but then
didn't believe Trump will make it that far so I'm the
fool but this guy may not be:
Seems like Michael here has stuck to his guns as always
and trumped for Trump - or at least argued that he
'says it straight' without this PC nonsense.
The thing that is eye-catching is Trump is appealing to
nearly every demographic in every age group. He has
been strong on illegal immigration, whether it's from
Mexico or Islamic countries yet even Islamists and Hispanics
in USA are giving him credit.

Michelle Two

I just googled Ira Magaziner so he has known Bill Clinton since University days and he was a political activist...

During his college years at Brown University, Magaziner was one of the two architects of the "New Curriculum," a liberal academic approach which eliminates core requirements outside of the concentration the student pursues. Magaziner excelled academically at Brown and in 1969 was named valedictorian of his class.

During the 1968 black student walkout at the University, Magaziner held rallies in support of their demands, and as president of the Undergraduate Council of Students, he negotiated with the administration on the terms of their return. His valedictory address at graduation was featured in a 1969 Time magazine special on student leaders—a special which also included a story about a recent Wellesley College graduate, future First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham. After his address, Magaziner led the students in turning their backs on Henry Kissinger, who was receiving an honorary degree. Magaziner also organized Brown's "spring weekend" concerts and festivities.[2]

He was named a Rhodes Scholar upon graduation and studied political philosophy and economics under Isaiah Berlin at Balliol College of the University of Oxford. While studying at Oxford, Magaziner met Bill Clinton, also a Rhodes Scholar, who would become a close friend and eventually boss in the 1990s. After two years, Magaziner left the program without earning a degree to organize protest rallies against the Vietnam War—at one point in cooperation with actress Vanessa Redgrave.

After Oxford, Magaziner and a group of former Brown students attempted to implement social democratic reforms in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. These reforms included starting an agricultural cooperative, supporting liberal candidates for city council, strengthening the union movement, and printing a progressive town newspaper. Magaziner soon abandoned the project, after the group recognized that the effects of foreign business competition on the local manufacturing base would undercut their efforts. He then determined that a greater understanding of business was necessary to promote broad-based social and economic reforms.

Michelle Two

I don't have time to read this one now but more on Ira Magaziner..



Hello Michael, May I be so bold as to suggest that you contact Breitbart News http://www.breitbart.com/ , regarding your investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Am sure they will be very interested in the financial dealings as they have been exposing a number of shoddy deals that the Clintons have been involved with.

Beam Me Up

Hmmmm, a few million here, a few more million there, pretty soon you're talking real money. But then it's not "their" money after all, it's OUR money, and guess what - we're not happy about it!


Whether that coal-hating foundation is registered or
not, angry WHITE(haven) coal has done it again today on
ASX. Mining sector having a horrendous day. Even GOLD is
in the toilet today, despite record high gold prices.
Iron ore (RIO, BHP, Fortescue) covered in red ink.
But Whitehaven turned a 5% drop to a 3% gain at the
moment 50 minutes before ASX close.
Can it continue?
No matter what, one thing that is for certain, THERMAL
coal is going as strong as ever. Sure, renewable energy
will play a part once it can start standing on its
own without taxpayers footing the bill for the hideous
socialist set, but BIG COAL ain't going anywhere.


Hi Michael,

this four minute video tells why the establishment is going after Trump. Gingrich says he's not in the club or any secret society going through the rituals.



HOWARD STERN gets interviews in relation to Freddie
Man, this is a guy who said that you should 'take out those
girls with sex' re: Columbine mass murder. In this
reporting he's described as a 'legendary shock jock'...
But in Australia, you get blackballed for saying
'Prophet' Muhammad is a pederast and a paedophile and
you can't even email your favourite Conservative 'shock
jocks' in Oz more than 20 emails a day.
SO tightly controlled.
Well, that's NOT the world I live in I'm afraid when
I see someone overseas taking drugs only legally available
in a handful of Russian former Republics, earn
$300 million in endorsements and when she's caught
red-handed she says 'awww it was diabetes and heart
problems treatment'.
Maria Sharapova.
Howard Stern is too extreme, but Mike Smith is not
allowed to be 'extreme' enough.
DO respect MSM though. It IS the best eyes and ears still
when cutting through all the crap within it.
But question is - WHY is Howard Stern still within it and
Mike Smith webmaster of this site is not???????

Dee Dee

Again off topic sorry.

Someone in the NBN organisation is really disgruntled about what is going and has leaked another document.


Utterly ridiculous that they are more or less giving the green light so that Telcos can rip off consumers.

Barnaby Halal-Joyce

Apparently the grubby, polarising Turnbull leadership are self destructing. Cowering PM Tony Abbott should of kicked arse big time while he had the chance. I am with Miranda on that, she blames weak tones for his own demise. However Liberal obviously have no talent and tones might make a comeback and God knows he should of learnt his lesson, he would have to terminate all of those 54 scumbags who plotted against him. That greedy old sheila Bronwyn Bishop is such an ugly creep, she needs to go away!


Isn't this looking like fraud?


Am at a loss but better I get used to it.
You can't email several Conservative columnist/
journalists at once every time. You have to
email them individually.
But problem with that is, the risk is you say one
thing to one person and another to another because
everyone has a different angle.
What do you do there?
See this site, see Bolt, Devine, Blair - you like them
all, but if you do you 'sit on the fence'.
Soul destroying.
One thing about THIS site though - it doesn't shirk
this. It'll post just about everything (within reason).
That's the difference.
But then - Mike Smith is not within MSM for that
CUE in HOWARD Stern.
HOW the f*ck is he still so huge in USA radio?
Australia as a great country no doubt - but is stifled
big time by political correctness. You don't want
Howard Sterns to say shooting victims should be
taken out with sex - but at same time, the political
correctness and minority fundamentalism in Oz is
too much to bear.
America has the 'diversity of opinion' albeit too far
to stand a Hillary Clinton and also to see Trump actually
giving her headaches for race to US President in November
this year.
But Australia cops the Hillary without same diversity
of opinion. Too much minority capture in the land
downunder. WAY too much and it's unfair and sickening almost
as much as the 'way too far' Howard Stern.
Suppose if there's one gay guy that IS funny at times
(he goes to far at times too) is 'Joey Boots' who apparently
is tied up with Howard Stern:


Google Lord Monkton on Tony Abbott. They not only installed Turnbull in oz. Canada got Trudeau n

Dee Dee

Take into consideration what is said in the document plus that as long as the speed is reached once in the 24 hours then it is ok.

So you could be on a 50/20 FTTN plan and you may only get 12/1 at one time during the 24 hours. This may happen at midnight and at all the rest of the day you are on 4mbs. This is acceptable according to NBN.


Great idea

seeker of truth

A Report was prepared for DFAT in July 2009 to evaluate the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Program in PNG.


The Clinton entity was responsible for many things, including project management. As to Project Management, the Report states
"Project Management:
: The current in-country CF team is highly motivated and responsive to the PNG environment, and strong leadership is demonstrated in the Country Director. This has very clearly enabled the good outcomes to
date. Agreements have been developed between CHAI and GPH, Mendi Hospital, Jane Thomason International and Associates (JTAI) for NDoH supported positions, and Catholic Health Services in Tari, SHP to clearly articulate responsibilities. At the national (Port Moresby) level coordination and management are occur informally. At the
provincial level in the EHP the RI has its own management structure with a four-person Steering Committee that
meets regularly. This committee acts as a sub committee of the Provincial Aids Council (PAC).

Some management weaknesses were noted, with human resource management, the absence of readily available and useful budget information showing exactly how funds are spent, and project monitoring."

So there was an issue with funds accountability.

It was noted that the Foundation improved the procurement and supply chain for HIV/Aids drugs. I think we know why this happened and it is called kick backs -

"Procurement and Supply Chain Management
: CF has significantly helped strengthen the management capacity of
the procurement and supply chain for HIV ARVs and kits, funding a logistics manager position. Needs forecasting has been improved, and CHAI has been able to gap-fill as issues arise that impede smooth operation of the chain. Assistance is being given to the development of a new database to assist inventory management. There have been
no stock-outs at the facility level since CHAI assistance commenced."

Michelle two

Maybe she has caught the Malcom vibe!!..

Doubtful John

That hairdo! Every time I see Nikki Savva I find myself singing, 'Walk like an Egyptian...'

Doubtful John

"Monica, I want you to sack my cook".

seeker of truth

So all the time the Clinton entity was dealing with DFAT on this Indonesian agreement which was due to commence in February 2008 and extend through to 2015, it was aware that it was under investigation back in the USA.


Further, after the Foundation was notified of the revocation of its charitable status on 31 March 2008, DFAT seems not to be informed of the revocation.

seeker of truth

A key success has been Australia's support for increased international health system presence in PNG. AusAID also facilitated:
• the establishment of the Clinton Foundation to support HIV/AIDS treatment

seeker of truth

"through the independent Clinton Health Access Initiative, 9.9 million people in more than 70 countries have access to CHAI-negotiated prices for HIV/AIDS medications"

The above was included in an article on the Clinton Climate Initiative (their new scam) partnering to help Caribbean nations. I wonder if they have a deal with the solar panel manufacturers.


Michelle Two

I was just reading the part after the bit I cut and pasted on his efforts in Health care and Insurance ... the more I read the more the thoughts of Gillard run through my mind I wonder if he was responsible for the think tank behind Obamacare and our own NDIS..
I wonder who was in the Labor think tank doing that policy work..
Consultancy seems to be a big business funded by government taxes.
Even the ABC uses outside consultants in its budget considering the size of the workforce for ABC and they are all experts (apparently!! at least they like to think so) for what they do, why do they need outside opinions to tell them what to do.

seeker of truth

Apparently it is recommended that the so called medication be a course of only six weeks, not 10 years as with Sharapova. I heard that the Russian government was giving it to its soldiers in the 1980s to increase stamina.

There is no getting over it; it was a legal performance enhancing drug which has now become illegal. There were probably other Eastern European tennis players on it but they didn't ignore the emails (yes there was more than one) from WADA and so stopped taking it.

Edward James

I think that is called due diligence isn't it Seeker of Truth? Im hanging out gor Michael to publish so I can read the excuse our Federal government has for not doing its job. From what you have written if my lawyer failed to check out the other parties bonafides beforehand I signed a deal it would be professional negligence, wouldnt it? Edward James from the Dolls House.

Michelle Two

The plan doesn't seem to be working so well the awakened souls are not believing the bullshit any longer the media just look pathetic in trying to control soul evolution, this is what lightworkers are they are revealing the truths and how the governments are conning you all at every level all the scandals and deep dark secrets are being revealed you will never take the morals out of the human species because it is inbuilt in the souls DNA who they are and why they are here..
Brainwashing only works for the sheeple they seem to be of the left and are pushing and trying to shut you down..the more they push the more you speak up for yourself and your belief this is why the dark army is on the move in every nation to fill souls with fear so they are more easily brainwashed..

Edward James

Now the question is. Where is our money Malcolm?

Jeff of FNQ

Every time I see her face I'm reminded of a forlorn looking blood hound.


Edward James

Will Australians get as involved in changing the faces of the team players of two parties not much preferred this Federal Election? Edward James from the Dolls House.

Edward James

He has presided over some spectacular failours. It's been often said. The person who has never failed has never done anything. Magaziners story reminds me of the shifty little campaign manager bloke in the series The Good Wife. Edward James from the Dolls House.

Michelle Two

"Or have a cigar?" how gross.

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Close but no cigar🚭‼️

Michelle Two

Ira Magaziner must be into the education gig and IR one as well so he probably gets on with Gillard like a house of fire.. I wonder if there is a Mrs Magaziner??

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25— He made radical changes in the curriculum at Brown University. He led a band of young idealists working for social change in Brockton, Mass. He tried unsuccessfully to make his home state of Rhode Island into a laboratory for his theory of industrial policy.

And now he is trying to revamp the nation's health-care system. Ira C. Magaziner is President Clinton's senior adviser for policy development. But he works mostly for Hillary Rodham Clinton in her effort to devise a plan to control health costs and guarantee health care for all Americans.

Mr. Magaziner, who is 45, is variously described as a complex, intense man; a shy, eccentric genius; a harsh taskmaster who works harder than anyone on his staff.

"Ira is a nonlinear thinker," said Stephen H. Crolius, a 37-year-old consultant at Telesis, a company founded by Mr. Magaziner. "Most people are used to thinking in terms that proceed logically from A to B to C to D. Ira can go immediately from A and B to G." 'An Outsider in Washington'

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Decent chaps don't check up on decent chaps to see that they're behaving like decent chaps.
- Sir Desmond, A Conflict of Interest

Jim: What's the difference between irregularities and malpractices?
Dorothy: Irregularity means it's a crime but you can't prove it. Malpractice means that it's a crime but you can prove it.
- A Conflict of Interest

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Purple prose but what are the facts and figures⁉️

seeker of truth

Yes and yes.

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