Formal complaint to Victoria Police Professional Standards Command about the Chief Commissioner's correspondence management
One month, no reply from VicPol Chief on AWU. 3 hours after complaint to Professional Standards we get a reply.

Possible unauthorised disclosure of the internal proceedings of the Standing Committee of Privileges and Members Interests

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Tomorrow the Privileges Committee will table its report on Craig Thomson misleading the parliament.

Yesterday we wrote about Peter Wicks and his story based on a leak of the confidential proceedings of the House of Representatives Standing Committee of Privileges and Members Interests.

Leaking the committee's work before it's tabled is a contempt of the Parliament because"it amounts, or is intended or likely to amount, to an improper interference with the free exercise by a House or committee of its authority or functions".

The Houses has the power to declare an action to be a contempt and to punish offenders. 

The Privileges Act authorises fines up to $5000 for individuals or imprisonment for up to six months.

Lesser punishments such as admonition, reprimand or suspension of a member are also available under the normal powers and processes of the House. 

In May 2012 The Age published an article by Michelle Grattan based on a leak from the Privileges Committee.

As part of the investigation that followed each Member of the Committee and each secretariat staffer signed a statutory declaration to the effect that they did not disclose the committee's internal proceedings .

Michelle Grattan appeared before a formal sitting of the Committee to give sworn evidence.   When questioned under oath she said,  "the whole question of sourcing of material involves confidentiality and journalists do not breach that confidentiality. This is how we operate in my trade ... We accept the consequences."

Tomorrow we'll be able to compare the actual Privileges Committee report on Craig Thomson with Wicksy's piece.

Someone among this group may be feeling nervous.

Committee Members

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