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Ralph Blewitt wants the letter from Bill Ludwig's lawyers to Slater and Gordon about slush fund money in the Kerr Street purchase

Thanks to Victoria's Supreme Court we now know that Bill Ludwig's lawyers wrote to Slater and Gordon on the same day that Ralph used AWU WRA inc money and an AWU WRA Inc cheque to pay $67K into the Slater and Gordon Trust Account to finalise settlement on the Kerr Street purchase.

The Court describes that document 

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The police don't have this document.   The Trade Union Royal Commission didn't refer to this document.   If it wasn't for Ralph's claim, the document might never again see the light of day.

That document is a missing link between Ralph depositing this cheque into the Slater and Gordon Trust Account:

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And Slater and Gordon's false entry in its Trust Account Ledger recording Ralph Blewitt instead of the AWU WRA Inc as the source of the money.

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That false entry covered up for the AWU WRA Inc fraudsters.   So how far up the AWU tree did the involvement go? This fax from Sciacca's to Slaters should tell us and Ralph Blewitt wants to see it.

Looks like he has a pretty good claim to it given what he knows about Slater and Gordon and the furtherance of his frauds.

I understand this note is being sent to Slater and Gordon MD Andrew Grech today.


Dear Mr Grech,

Thank you for acting for me to further our fraudulent purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy in February 1993.
For the avoidance of doubt, I didn't buy the property as an investment. That was a false story Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson came up with to cover up the truth about our fraud.  Kerr Street was bought with tainted money from an unlawful slush fund Julia Gillard set up, the AWU Workplace Reform Association.  
Julia and your firm also helped out in laundering more money we received secretly and illegally from Thiess Contractors.   Records from your firm show it lent $150,000 to me secured by first mortgage against the Kerr Street property.   That was a sham.   All the money paid under that mortgage came from the slush fund Julia, Bruce and I set up. 
No one from Slater and Gordon asked me if I wanted that loan or about my tax affairs or my income and assets. I wasn't spoken to at all by anyone from Slater and Gordon before it  made the loan in my name. I didn't make any application to you for a loan.   I never authorised Bruce Wilson to apply for a loan in my name.   Your firm helped further our fraud by allowing Wilson to use a dodgy Power of Attorney to get the mortgage when  even I can see the PoA document itself authorised the Donee (Wilson) to buy a property.  It didn't say he could borrow money  in my name.     No one from Salter and Gordon checked with me because the solicitor who acted for me was Julia Gillard and she was in on the scam.
Gillard knew that putting the money laundering loan you gave to our joint criminal endeavour into my name was all part of our fraud.    Once again thank you Slater and Gordon for your work in furthering our crime spree, we couldn't have done it without you.  You even let Bruce use the PoA to make a Statutory Declaration involving declarations about my knowledge of things involved in the mortgage.  You must believe Bruce had mind-reading powers because you let him make and use that Stat Dec solemnly vowing and declaring that he's truthfully answered questions about what's in my head.
The AIRC subpoenas my records at your firm
In August 1996 Slater and Gordon contacted me to say the Industrial Relations Court had subpoenaed documents associated with the purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy.   Slater and Gordon told me that I should try to stop the documents from getting into the court by "maintaining" a claim of client legal privilege over them.   I assumed this was just another of the many things the firm had done to further our fraud in the first place and later to cover it up.   I knew there were heaps of things you wouldn't want any court to see.
Back then I was an active crook with my co-conspirators Bruce and Julia Gillard so I took your advice about how to cover up what we'd done.   To me it was just like when I took your advice about suing for defamation as  blokes started to ask questions about the union's finances and dodgy things i'd done with Julia and Bruce.
Slater and Gordon told me what words to write to maintain a claim of privilege so as to keep the Kerr Street documents away from the court.   I wrote out the letter and sent it as requested.   I was never told what documents Slater and Gordon held, what was covered by the subpoena or the result at the court.   I had no idea you had a fax from Bill Ludwig's lawyers about the $67 shown in your trust account as coming from me.   Wily old Bill!   No wonder you didn't want the court seeing that!
Coming clean and going straight
By 2012 I was getting on in years and I decided to come clean about the crimes I was a party to when I was knocking around with Bruce and Julia.  
Around August 2012 there were quite a few reports popping up in the press about the illegal things we got away with back in the 90s.   Some of those reports were about the way Slater and Gordon helped us cover up our crime spree.   I am sorry for any hurt our crimes caused the decent people who work at your firm so I hope you'll join me in exposing the dodgy people there who were party to the crookedness.
On 14 August 2012 Andrew Grech wrote to me asking that I waive privilege over the conveyance and mortgage documents so your firm could "defend its reputation:".   That alerted me to the fact you still had my documents - so thanks for that letter Andrew, I'd have been none the wiser without you looking after your self-interest.
I engaged Bob Galbally to represent me.   Bob wrote to you and you had various discussions with Bob where he asked you for details of all the documents and files associated with me in your possession.   I waived privilege on the mortgage and conveyance files and Bob asked you for a full copy of each.  You produced two files in answer to that request, Bob inspected them and you gave him what you said were complete copies.
On 31 August 2012 Bob wrote to you and said there were documents missing from those files.
On 4 September 2012 you replied to Bob, your letter in full is here.
In part your letter says, "There are no documents pertaining to the AWU Workplace Reform Association which are or were associated with the conveyance.......".   Really?   That's not what you told the Supreme Court after the police raided your offices.
In relation to the approximately $67K that came from the slush fund to settle the Kerr Street purchase you say in your letter to Mr Galbally "You will note from the ledger and the trust account receipt that it noted that the monies were paid by direct deposit and the records show that it was paid by your client."   That's me, Ralph Blewitt - coming up with $67K?  I did no such thing.
Thanks for advising that you have records that show that I was the source of the $67K.   That's news to me and I'd love to know more.
What records show that?  I know you wouldn't destroy evidence, so I presume you still have them.   But it makes me wonder, have you really given me all the documents you hold or held in this matter?   Do you hold documents about my transaction that you have not told me about?  Did you lie to me when you said there were no documents about the AWU WRA associated with the conveyance or did you lie to the Supreme when you sought privilege over the Sciacca note?
I did not provide the money that was paid to Slaters.   We got it from Thiess.   I didn't have $67,000 and my wife might have cut off my manhood if she heard about anything like that.   The money came from the slush fund, not me.   So what records are you talking about?   Could it be the facsimile from Bill Ludwig's lawyer Con Sciacca that describes the money and was sent to you on the same day as i paid the AWU WRA cheque in to your Trust Account?
New information
By early 2013 Victoria Police were on our tail.  The writing was on the wall, the jig was up.   
On 5 June 2013 the police completed the execution of a search warrant on your premises and took away a sealed envelope titled Slater and Gordon privileged and confidential.
On 26 August 2013 the Supreme Court of Victoria heard your unopposed application that the documents in that envelope be declared privileged and remain confidential.
What I didn't know until recently was that those documents are to do with furthering the fraudulent purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street in my name.   The purchase that used tainted money that we laundered through your trust account.   Money that was the proceeds of crime.
Of particular interest to me is the document you have but never told me about from my mate Bill Ludwig's lawyers Sciacca and Co.   They wrote to you on the day I paid the $67K from the sham slush fund into your Trust Account.   By sham slush fund I mean the one Julia Gillard set up and went in to bat for when corporate regulators saw through our scam and queried our bona fides - i.e. the AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc.
Looks like you left a bit out when your Mr Higgins wrote to me on 8 April 2013, just before the coppers arrived with the warrant:
You will note that the ledger reflects that the transactions you have inquired about involved a Direct Deposit in your name. You are aware you deposited those funds at a Commonwealth Bank Branch in Western Australia. As previously advised to your lawyers there is no reference in your conveyance or mortgage file concerning where you sourced those funds.
Looks like you did have documents about how the slush fund money found its way into your trust account and was recorded in my name.  The Supreme Court was kind enough to publish details about the documents over which you claimed privilege.   I've attached the list  of those documents for your convenience.
Now that I know those documents are to do with me and the fraudulent purchase of the Kerr Street property, I would like a copy of them please ASAP.
If you reckon those documents are protected by a client privilege claim you make, then let me be clear.   Everything to do with the Kerr Street purchase was fraudulent.   F R A U D fraud.   It was paid for with illegally obtained money we got from Thiess through the slush fund Gillard set up.   We laundered more illegally obtained money  through your firm's trust account using the dodgy mortgage you let Wilson put in my name.
There is no client legal professional privilege over things you did to further our fraud. 
Police have told me I am going to be charged over my role in our frauds.   I need the document from Sciacca's about the dodgy $67K payment from the slush fund that went into your trust account in my name.   That document is evidence and I put you on notice that is is required for my upcoming trial.  But more than that, it's directly a document associated with you acting for me.   It describes this controversial payment of $67K made in my name.   I am entitled to that document and I formally ask you to hand it over.
By cob Friday 25 March I request that yousend me copies of the documents listed in Annex A to the Supreme Court's orders of 26 August 2013 relating to the purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy in my name. 
Have a nice day.
Ralph Edwyn Blewitt
Recovering corporate fraudster
PS - good people are being hurt by your continuing cover up.   Come clean guys, you're lawyers - you're not supposed to help conceal crimes are you?

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