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Vietnam Vet Ralph Blewitt on the Regiment, honesty, mates and his love for Australia

Last night Ralph Blewitt saw this after-action report of one of his first contacts with the enemy a few days after he arrived in South Vietnam in 1967.

It was the first time in his life he'd seen the document and it triggered memories of that day - and a lot more.

Here's Part Two of our conversation.

And Part Three


Last word from Ralph - some news for his co-conspirators in The AWU Scandal


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No such thing as 'I can't do it'. But nowadays those
riding on the coattails are likes of Liz Burke spouting
her femi-fascist rubbish. Keep seeing her popping up in
articles and don't have to read 2 sentences and know
who the author is.
Then those types have the temerity to describe likes
of Ralph Blewitt as 'angry white male' and 'stooge'.
Will never forget the snooty-nosed Leigh Sales and
her derisive attitude when she interviewed Blewitt about
AWU scandal and then giggling like a schoolgirl in her
first interview with Malcolm Turnbull.


No one wants Blewitt charged because then he'll plead
not guilty and the likes of Wilson and Gillard et al
will be interrogated on the stand.
Slater and Gordon has until the end of business tomorrow
to tell lenders such as Westpac and NAB it's no thief.
If the lenders don't agree, they will call in on the loan
of best part of a $billion and it's goodnight Sluggers.
Westpac would then have to say the $300 million it lent
to them is a soured loan.
It would be interesting to differentiate the behaviour of
the current Slater and Gordon MD if they go belly up
and this all occurs, with that of Ralph Blewitt.
Think the contrast won't be more stark.
The current MD was around when Gillard was working at
Slater and Gordon - he was at the board meeting in
early 1996 with minute referring to Gillard, 'The sooner
she leaves the better'.
So who is the 'stooge' and 'sexist pig' really?
The minute from March 4 1996 is here:

Michelle Two

I've just listened to the first recording after writing my other comment and I mentioned my 20 yr old son, so I can imagine the bravado talk as you joined the service and went through the training..
My son is into 4 wheel driving,(hunting used to get mentioned a lot, his mates were into that at one time) trucks and the like so he talks like the tough know it all kind of guy most young fella's are around that age looking for adventures.. I'm so glad he has now found a good job and is settling into it and working on his dream of a new vehicle and saving his pennies for it..


when those Banks absorb the costs of that failed loan to a union stooge.. its the costs of that which will be passed on to the average customer

so if any one out there wants to know why borrowing costs are rising and interests on deposits do not match the rises ,
that the unions and their grubby little failed deals ultimately cost ever one of us.

so the next time some leftoid screams about obscene Bank profits ....


He's grown up. Should have done that sort of
thing 20 years ago.
And NO doubting the credentials of Ralph Blewitt.

Official govt site shows exactly what he did
in Vietnam War:
Certificate that doesn't come out of a cereal


Ralph Blewitt was in Vietnam for a few months
while Tim Fischer was? April/May/June 1968......


Exactly what is happening. With the mine loans,
the banks make good money from them and
of course there'll be rainy day when commodity
prices are at lowest ebb.
However with, for example, Westpac lending
$300 million to Slater and Gordon which
they're unlikely to get back, there is
no benefit to the average customer. The
deposits bum and costs of borrowing rise to
cover such soured loan to liars like Slater
and Gordon and we know they lied because
ASIC forced them to write down $1 billion
off their balance sheet and also even
plaintiff litigation peers such as ACA Lawyers
and Maurice Blackburn are itching to sue them
because they lied to investors and as you
say the 'average customer'.


Ralph Edwin Blewitt - when he does something, it's out
of sheer loyalty and no half measures.
THIS official Dept of Veteran's Affairs site:
....has identified Ralph Edwin Blewitt re: Certificate
of Vietnam Service here:
Has served here:
Headquarters, 1st Australian Logistic Support Group
07/06/1967 18/12/1967
1 Australian Reinforcement Unit
19/12/1967 03/01/1968
2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
04/01/1968 13/06/1968

No half measures. He's strong-willed - tough as old
boot camps. No such thing as 'I can't do this'.
Motivation of 'duty to carry out command'. wonder Bruce Wilson saw something in him.
He knew if Blewitt was asked to do something, he'd do
it with sheer loyalty and duty, obedient toughness and
smarts to match.
Otherwise HOW did Blewitt end up in the clutches of someone
as 'bigwheel' as Wilson?
The official govt site links tell the story as does this
site and Blewitt himself.
He's no 'stooge' or 'sexist pig' that's for sure.


What does this all mean?
Go into link and press 'Control + F' and type
'Ralph' into search box that appears and within
that link you see this:

Ralph's name is below but feel guilty singling him
out. He doesn't want that, however it does shed
light on what gets trivialized by the 'kewl fashionable'
types that live on coattails of people who had
no regard to their own lives knowing they left loved ones
behind if they perished and yet those riding on their
coattails are calling them 'stooges' and 'sexist pigs'.
'Winner takes all' cheapness and giving nothing back.....
'...Major White and troops boarding truck to return to Company HQ. Free beer, 6708558 Deone Cole, 1731962 Walter Woods, 2783685 Ross Horne, 5714455 Ralph Blewitt, 3790372 Geoffrey Dixon. Display of captured Viet Cong weapons. On leave at Vung Tau Rest and Recreation Centre, Australian, New Zealand and Vietnamese flags. Geoff Cantrill and "To Jo" on leave. [Reel 5]. Baria laundry, ARVN soldiers and Baria locals. ARVN compound, visit by Australian advisers. woman in white at Baria. Battalion water truck. Crashed Helicopter. APC at airfield.....'


Why do the likes of Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull and their evil disciples hate Australians so much and are hellbent on destroying our country? The coming election offers no real choice either Turnbull or Shorten, both are both pieces of shit and the pissed off electorate knows that very well.


Michael, several years back I swallowed my pride & applied for my medals. The union party was in power at the time so my medals arrived mostly unassembled. It seems I was entitled to five in which case I'm sure Ralph should be entitled to at least 6 if not more. However a far cry from the two unproduced ones we were ititially awarded.

Don of Qld

Ralph is quite happy to be charged ......if he is charged they cannot then dodge charging Wilson and then Gillard..

Don of Qld

I have personally held conversations with Ralph covering a large range of subjects ..I can guarantee to everyone who supports Ralph and Mike, that Ralph Blewitt is 100 % genuine in his desire to assist war veterans.
I have sat less than a metre away from that man and looked him in squarely in the eye when he has passionately told me about the assistance program he is involved with to support military veterans .....The eyes do not lie .....
Ralph is equally passionate in regard to wanting to see Justice done over the AWU business despite his involvement.....
again I was looking Ralph squarely in the eye when he told me that Julia Gillard as PM of this country abused her powers and ruined the lives of both Mike Smith & Glen Milne......and agin the eyes don't lie.
Ralph, as he well knows along with his delightful wife Ruby is welcome in my house any day of the week.....


Gillard in 2009 as IR Minister found herself in the sights
of another former Slater and Gordon Lawyer Rob Stary:
....when she made comments in the name of abolishing ABCC
back then.
Rob Stary named alongside Gillard as 'notable' past employees
at Slater and Gordon:
Even Peter Gordon had crack at Gillard regarding
her comments on Julian Assange after finally knifing
Rudd to become PM:
Turf wars galore within the ALP. But Gillard still went on
to be number one Bulldogs AFL ticket holder and Peter
Gordon went on to become it's President once again
(last was President of Bulldogs i think 1989-95).

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