Michael Smith interview with US economics commentator Charles Ortel about the Clinton frauds
Chairman Mal's tax innovation and Bob Brown the innovative predecessor with an industry built on tax


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Edward James

I was too late for Wednesday Michael, I managed a hundred this morning at the Glen Innes NAB. I don't have an income now so every cent matters. Keep going and doing what some of us are no longer able to do! Edward James from the Dolls House

Liz of Vic


Hope you received amount I sent over Easter, have sent some more
just now.


You should use Patreon to collect subscription money from your audience. I have emailed you a few times, about helping you, but you are yet to respond. You must be very busy.

Edward James

I still use a cheque book when I can find it. I am not a fan of so called social media. While crowd funding is the new way. If I could not go to the NAB and deposit a hundred into Michaels account at the counter it probably wouldn't happen Todd. Edward James from the Dolls House


Edward, I never said to stop accepting cheques. Patreon is not a once of crowd funding like KickStarter.

Patreon is a subscription payment service. It's used for an existing and growing audience. It's perfect because you can commit to say $10 per month until you cancel it. It's how newspapers work, it's not a newfangled-punk-kid invention, it's opening up such a possibility for individuals like Michael, enabling a challenge to group thinking media.

If you're happy to keep sending cheques manually periodically that's great, if Michael had Patreon I would never forget. And that would be deducted from my Visa Debit card.

There's no conspiracy here.


I see here evidence of a problem with Conservatives.

Progressives are taking over Twitter and any new media and collect all the younger generation.

This and Edward's website (and many more conservative ones) have great content but don't respect the "customer".

You can have conservative principles and even budget, while still projecting a fresh, accessible and exciting service.

Here's a recipe worth studying:
$5/mo Vultr hosting + WordPress + $50 Theme + CloudFlare (for security)

I have offered this and free graphic art help with Michael and would help others, but apparently there is some lingering naivety about the web.

 "Grey Coat"

I, agree with Edward James, just make donations as easy as possible, its a mistake to not do so.

If, you have not already done it

Why not:

Make, a Clear contact Mailing address (even if a PO Box)

Make, sending a Cheque in a letter easy by providing an Address on you contact button.

Making, a Cash donation over the NAB counter as easy as possible.

(These are just suggestions that may make the Dollars come in).

PS: I, personally know a lot of People who do not want to Give Banks & others, what they consider to be confidential information & deal in info over the Web.

There, should be no problem with using "Snail-Mail" as another method.

Edward James

I had written you a responce / explanation continuing this stringTodd. But it's clear Michael is very busy. Edward James from the Dolls House 0419357337.

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