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Your advice and practical help would be much appreciated

Firstly your advice.  Does it bother you that:

  • Australia's DFAT paid for dodgy AIDS drugs produced by an Indian company called Ranbaxy - drugs that didn't work
  • Ranbaxy was selected and promoted by Bill Clinton's dodgy deregistered incorporated entity called the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc (CHAI)
  • That entity was deregistered (news that we brought to you exclusively here on this website after I contacted the US Regulatory authorities) for failing to file returns for 2 years running
  • When that CHAI entity was busted known associates of Clinton set up another CHAI this time called the Clinton Health Access Iniative
  • Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs signed an MOU with Bill Clinton under which we agreed to pay The Clinton Foundation $25M++ for it to spend in New Guinea when Clinton was a disbarred lawyer and not a fit and proper person in the US to be associated with a charity

If so would you let me know?

Secondly I am confident in my researching abilities but my journalist friends tell me I still write like a copper.  This story is so important to me that I don't want to bugger it up by writing about it poorly.

So are you a good writer?   Would you please peruse these materials and get back to me on [email protected] with the story you would write (ideally the headline too) and let's see where this takes us.  I can't offer you money but I can guarantee you prominence if you're up to writing about this catastrophic failure of governance on our part and criminal negligence on Clinton's.

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The following may be attributed to a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

“Prior to 2013, a small amount of Australian aid money was expended on Ranbaxy pharmaceutical products in Papua New Guinea to support the PNG Government’s health programs.”

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That was in response to this email I sent to Julie Bishop's department


Who cares?   It's just blacks dying.

That unspeakable quote is attributed to a Ranbaxy Laboratories executive in this Fortune Magazine article Dirty medicine


Can DFAT confirm whether or not Australian Government aid money was used to finance the purchase of pharmaceuticals from Ranbaxy?


In 2002 Clinton starts dealing with RANBAXY generic medicine manufacturer in India.

This Fortune article tells the story of how long Ranbaxy was making dodgy drugs that didn't work.

This US Justice Department announcement shows the criminal prosecution and $500M+ sanctions against RANBAXY.

Ranbaxy Settlement
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This DFAT evaluation of the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc in Papua New Guinea shows CHAI was responsible for supply chain management of ARV (anti retro viral) drugs in PNG.   It also scores CHAIV 2 (below 4 is unsatisfactory) on monitoring and evaluation.   But we paid anyway.

Tim Wilson warned in this paper about the dangers of supporting generic medicines

Despite the rhetoric of NGOs, the real challenges fac- ing access to essential medicines are not due to excessive protection of patents. IP protection plays a vital role in promoting innovation in public health. Undermining patents can actually have a detrimental effect on develop- ing HIV/AIDS medicines for the world’s poor. Moreover, weak property protections undermine the investment cli- mate needed to promote the economic growth to fund the infrastructure to bridge the gap between medicines and their patients.

Enforcement of patent protections also combats the development and use of counterfeit medicines. These counterfeits pose immediate health risks. And they can breed and accelerate resistance to patented and generic medicines. This acceleration of resistance boosts the sub- sequent costs of HIV/AIDS treatment. 

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Thank you as always Rachel.


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