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ADF Celebrity Muslim Mona Shindy wants a PA, media advisor, a diary manager, more "high impact" speaking gigs and much more

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Thanks to our reader who has submitted a range of FOI requests regarding Mona Shindy.   The ADF has released a range of documents as a result and we'll work through them over the next few days.

First the important news.   Celebrity is taking its toll on Mona.  

Late last year Minister Marise Payne wanted some quality FaceTime with the celebrity Muslim, businesswoman of the year and erstwhile naval officer.

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Less than a month after that request, Mona Hollywood Shindy wrote to the Chief of the Navy (several layers of rank above her) with a Contract Rider that would make Brittany Spears blush.

Not only does Mona want (and get)

  • special halal food,
  • special Mona celebrity Muslim uniform,
  • special Ramadan dinners with the big bosses,
  • selfies with the minster in Canberra et al -


But as of 4 December last year Mona's requirements had expanded even further. When a mid-ranked celebrity Muslim RAN officer has special needs - who is responsible for meeting them?   The Chief of Navy of course who, along with a range of other senior officers received Mona's note setting out her further burdens and requirements for their alleviation (with the beautiful line in her email - "as discussed with the Chief of Navy", stick it up the lesser infidel officers Mona!).

Mona now needs:

  • extra security,
  • an investigation to find the people who are saying nasty things about her,
  • the RAN to give her legal advice about her rights to take action against people she doesn't like, 
  • more public speaking gigs
  • a Comms Strategy (as discussed with the Chief of Navy)
  • a Mona-Shindy dedicated media/communications savvy personal assistant (as discussed with the Chief of Navy)
  • help in selecting high-impact speaking engagements for Mona's Message
  • assistance with speech writing and effective messaging
  • help managing her diary to balance work commitments and Mona's personal well-being
  • protection for Mona's personal and professional interests when it comes to managing Mona as a "commodity"
  • help addressing the inevitable "vitriol" that comes with being Mona


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.01.10 pm Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.02.51 pm

If I was her boss I would have said luv, this is the Navy.   We don't do Hollywood.  Have a look at the badges of rank chart on the wall.   No one gets a PA.   Now get back to work.

But I am not her boss.   Here is the direct response - not from her boss, nor her boss's boss, nor her (I won't labour the point) - this is from the Chief of Navy's staff officer.

When Mona has needs, the Navy responds!   This time it took the Chief of Navy 8 minutes to get back to Mona, we can't have celebrities feeling unloved!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.17.42 pm

No wonder we can't get submarines on time.   And who is directing Littoral Warfare and Maritime Support while the artist formerly known as Captain Shindy is on the road with the band and her Islamic Revival Tour?

Stand by for more.