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Waleed Aly and his ilk would have you believe that the Islamic State is weak.  Really?


I have a good mate who works in security and intelligence.   He lives in Asia and is regarded as one of the top professionals in the field, contracting to governments and large corporations.   I contacted him yesterday for some specific advice for someone who's sailing in our region (after the Islamist beheading in the Philippines) -this direct quote from that advice is chilling -

...the biggest mistake is to think our Government has the intent to launch a recovery operation.  

This man would know.   He comes from that background.   Forget about the capability, forget about the feasibility - the biggest mistake an Australian could make is to think our government has the intent to rescue Australians from the hands of hostage takers overseas.     

This is an extract from his advice to our sailing friend prepared yesterday:

This region is now becoming a focal point for ISIS, they are uniting other terror networks to come under the one flag and leadership of ISIS and the risk is becoming higher.

How people travel to holiday destinations, where they stay and crisis planning is now an essential part of planning a family holiday, it’s the world we live in now.

The simple advice I can offer is really do your research on areas you are planning to travel to, and never trust local threat assessments/Government advice unless confirmed by a security professional non Government related. 

As you and I can relate to, Governments in Asia are totally corrupt, and have alternate agendas to benefit from terrorist organisations operating throughout their areas of responsibility. Not saying all military and/or law enforcement organisations are, but there is enough of this going on to create uncertainties’.

My advice is to use known trustworthy resources within countries where you intend to travel, and take advice from those networks.

PS - here are a few of the flags associated with Islam and Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.   Notice anything about the religion of peace?

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