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Geelong youth tells court that Islam authorised him to beat his sister up - while our leaders are uncritical of Islam the kid has a point

Islam says God's law comes first, man's law second.

Muslims are taught that they are part of the Muslim nation on earth, or Ummah.  Loyalty to an earthly nation like Australia can't be at the expense of Islam.   The Ummah comes first.

Muslims believe the Quran is the final word from God, it's complete and cannot be changed.

Muslims believe that Muhammad lived as perfect a life as a human being ever could.   Muhammad's life is the model life to be emulated.

To find out how to live according to the Quran, Muslims look to the records of Muhammad's life to see how he interpreted the teachings - what he did was perfect.

To reform Islam, the inviolability of the Quran will have to go and the book updated.   Hint to Muslims - God might want to update the  bit about the earth being flat, there's a start.

Another part that could do with a freshen up would be the "it's OK for men to hit women" instructions.

In Geelong last week a Muslim teen spoke about his culture and religious  belief that he was the disciplinarian and therefore entitled to hook into his sister.   He was doing no more than his religion teaches him to do.

“Children’s Court: Islam says I can, claims teen who beat sister,”

by Karen Matthews, Geelong Advertiser, April 7, 2016:

A GEELONG teenager has told a court he is entitled to beat and whip his younger sister because he is her guardian according to Islam.

A police prosecutor said that, on December 19 last year, the boy went to his mother’s house and attacked his teenage sister with a metal spoon, hitting her on the arms and causing bruising.

“He was upset because she wouldn’t change the television station,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said that, on December 20, the teen returned to the house and an argument started between he and his sister, during which he whipped her around the legs with beads.

“He then threw a speaker at the television smashing the screen,” he said.

“Police attended and, while trying to handcuff him, he kept resisting, repeatedly turning away.

“He was eventually overpowered and handcuffed but continued to resist police.”

The prosecutor said the youth’s offending breached a Good Behavior Bond and a personal safety intervention order.

“When asked his reason for resisting police he told them, ‘I hoped they would either shoot me or send me back to Afghanistan’,” the prosecutor told the court.

“He said that, as a man, he was entitled to replace his mother’s television and that, as a man, he was entitled to hit his sister because he was her guardian according to Islam.”

A Magistrate told the youth that, as a man, he was entitled to replace the television.

“But as a man you are not entitled to beat your sister in Australia,” he said….

Islam's messages are clear.   They are unequivocal, black and white.

Our messages are not.   We are unclear and our messages are mixed, particularly at the government leadership level.   

When Turnbull praises Islam as a great religion, beautiful, religion of love and peace etc - to Muslim ears that applies to the whole of the Islamic way of life, i.e. following Muhammad's example and living according to the Quran, Hadith and Shuras.

If we are to tolerate the presence of Islam and its barbaric books, then we need to be much clearer in the way we speak about Islamism.   At the head of government level, the message in Australia must include these points:

  • The Quran is out of date and must not be taken literally here.
  • Many of the things Muhammad did were criminal and far from perfect.
  • In Australia, our law is the only law - our courts won't hear your Sharia argument.

While Turnbull says Islam is great, peaceful and loving, to Muslim ears Turnbull's talking about this too: