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George Brandis pads up to defend Gillian Triggs positional honour, over Labor's plans to abolish her job

UPDATE - from one of our better informed readers!

Everyone appears to think that Trigg is being replaced, which unfortunately is not happening. I think the problem has arisen because the media always refers to her as the Australian Human Rights Commissioner when in fact she is the President of the Commission. As I posted above there is an actual position for a Human Rights Commissioner. During the Labor R/G/R era no-one was actually appointed to the position. It appears the Government is making an appointment to the position prior to the election as Shorten stated he wouldn't be doing same if elected.


Such politicking as will amaze you.

Apparently had we not had Gillian over the past few years, we'd have suffered a  degradation to our human rights architecture and  the cause of human rights in Australia would have been significantly set back.  

I thought she was the set-back.

File this in the George 'seemed like a good idea at the time' docket.


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