"Allah uh-Akhbar" as Islamists hack two gay rights activists to bits yesterday in Bangladesh
Australian couple hid from terrorists as the Canadian man beheaded this week was taken hostage

Seven News reports on Stage one of Islamist plans for Sharia law in Australia - with Grand Mufti's approval

Stage One - Australia, today

26 April 2016 Seven Nightly News reports on Stage One of Sharia law in Australia 


End Stage - Saudi Arabia January 2015   

Myanmar woman pleads innocence before Saudi beheading in video


Riyadh // A Myanmar woman beheaded in a Saudi street this week for killing her husband’s young daughter is seen screaming her innocence in a video posted on the internet.

Saudi authorities have arrested someone for filming the incident, said local newspaper websites, including Okaz and Al Riyadh, in reports accompanied by still shots from the recording.

They did not say what the arrest was for.

The official Saudi Press Agency said last Monday that Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim was executed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca for killing her husband’s six-year-old daughter.

“Investigations led to her trial which proved she was guilty,” the interior ministry said, quoted by SPA.

The child, also “Burmese”, died from a beating and from being raped with a broomstick, it said.

“I did not kill. There is no God but God. I did not kill,” cries the woman, covered in black, apparently kneeling on the pavement circled by police officers in the video on LiveLeak.

“Haram. Haram. Haram. Haram. I did not kill ... I do not forgive you ... This is an injustice,” she screams in the video, which was posted online on Saturday.

The executioner, dressed in a white robe, forces her to lie down on the ground, near a pedestrian crossing. Mountains are seen in the distance.

“I did not,” she continues before a final scream as the executioner’s curved sword severs her head, in a traditional execution for the kingdom, which carries out death sentences in public.

A voice then reads out her crime.

Many Twitter users protested the video being circulated on the internet because it could be seen by the woman’s family, but did not object to the beheading itself.


Never happen here.   Our leaders are too strong.  We would never deal with thugs and terrorists who cut women's heads off in the street, would we?

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PS - a mate just dropped me a note reminding us all about these scenes in Sydney, 2012.

Note the slant that our news services put on this story, even describing the purported cause of the riots as a "vicious anti-Islam film about the prophet".

The only vicious behaviour on that day was from Muslims - all walking in the same steps as their vicious thug prophet.