Australian couple hid from terrorists as the Canadian man beheaded this week was taken hostage
US university allows man who says he's a sexual predator to continue using women's bathrooms unhindered

The Australian Liberty Alliance campaign launch - 7.30 PM 27 April 2016

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ALA Senate candidate for Victoria Daniel Jones, 30 something young dad and business executive with a major multinational.  Our current politically correct narrative is leading us towards cultural suicide.  We have restricted our own ability to talk about basic human rights in order to appease a very small minority.

"There is no place for tolerance of the intolerant".

Mr Jones spoke with passion about Australian industry - and his disdain for people who stick their hands out to take wealth they had no part in creating.   He spoke about industry policy and "trading ourselves out of a future' with various international trade agreements.

We should not allow an ideology that promotes discrimination against women, intolerance and separatism - let alone make allowances to accommodate it.

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Kirralie spoke about media coverage - where she is routinely referred to as an "extremist" and the tag doesn't refer to jumping out of aeroplanes or canyoning.   Kirralie agrees that she is extremely committed to the great way of life we enjoy and extremely committed to stopping those who'd change it.  Extremism is the motivation for a 16 year old to plan a terror attack on ANZAC Day, the way of life that Muhammad led, the Hadiths and the Quran.

"We will put Australia and Australians first - we will put people before the environment".

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Kirralie Smith - ALA Candidate NSW - it doesn't matter who let them in, the important thing is what are we going to do about it?

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Major Bernard Gaynor - Queensland Senate Candidate and decorated Iraq/Afghanistan veteran.   Political correctness is costing us millions, appeasing minorities is costing us more.   This ANZAC Day a 16 year old was charged with terror offences - he was a part of the multi-million dollar deradicalisation program and is proof of its futility.

Our ANZACs could name and describe their enemy.   In 1914 our ANZACs were at war with the Islamic Caliphate (Ottoman) - today we cannot even name our enemy nor criticise their ideology.

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John Bolton - ALA Candidate for South Australia.  "Islam is bad.   Australian culture is better than Islamic culture".

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Deb explained that ALA regularly has its ads knocked back - notoriously from one of the major newspaper groups because ALA ads "don't fit the brand image" of the newspaper company.   She explained that advertising standards prohibit the ALA from using the words Islam or Muslim in any critical sense.   Note however that Islam has no problem in getting space for this sort of stuff.

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Debbie Robinson's home has been regularly visited by police - not for her security, but because of her association with the Q-Society - Debbie explained that the Q-Society is considered an extremist organisation.

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Debbie Robinson doesn't advocate violence - but we have to push back against Islamic violence.   We face a clear and present danger and the Islamic bullies apparently understand only one language.

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Debbie Robinson - President and Senate Candidate for Western Australia - membership quadrupled since October 2015

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Angry Anderson - MC launching ALA event, "We must be as passionate about our freedoms as those who would attack us  are passionate about their own cause".

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I am delighted to pass on this message from the Australian Liberty Alliance with the details of its campaign launch tonight!

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If you are unable to join us in person in Melbourne tonight, here is the second best option: Watch the event via live streaming across the internet. Just follow this link:

If you can watch Youtube videos on your device, you can join us tonight. The transmission will start at 7:15pmMelbourne time. We have a great line-up of presenters:

  • Angry Anderson will be our MC for the evening
  • Debbie Robinson - our national president and Senate candidate for Western Australia
  • John Bolton - Senate candidate for South Australia
  • Bernard Gaynor - Senate candidate for Queensland
  • Kirralie Smith – Senate candidate for New South Wales
  • Daniel Jones – Senate candidate for Victoria
  • Questions and Answers with all candidates and board members
  • Finish ca 9:30pm

It is critical that members and supporters now get behind our 2016 campaign teams and candidates. With a double dissolution election on the cards, we have an exceptional chance to succeed. ALA will introduce more candidates over the next weeks.

We will have a fantastic evening with great speakers, a superb venue in the heart of Melbourne and ALA will launch only once for the 2016 campaign in Victoria. So don’t miss out and share this experience with family and friends.  

Stand With Us!

Ralf Schumann

Party Secretary


To find out how you can join or support ALA and your candidates, please visit the links on our