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Wanted - paid volunteers ($600,000 contract) to work out why people do unpaid volunteer work

Reader Earl points out the Australian Government wants to pay some volunteers to help us understand unpaid volunteers. $600,000 is up for grabs.

As Mr Smith has pointed out on a number of occasions the investigative skills and writing skills of many on this website are quite astounding.

So with that in mind are there any among us that could be interested in contributing to the following project?

If you can't do the work yourself, maybe you could share your views on how you think the project will benefit Mr and Mrs Average Australian or help to transition us to the smart economy of the future?


Project Summary

This project aims to examine the effects of human resources practices on the attraction and retention of high-quality volunteers. Volunteers provide essential health and educational services to the Australian population, which makes it important for non-profit organisations to develop effective human resource practices that attract and retain the best people. However, non-profit organisations often struggle to attract and retain a sufficient number of volunteers. This project will examine the effects of three human resource practices on the thriving and organisational attachment of volunteers using theories of motivation and retention. This knowledge is intended to help governments and non-profit organisations improve on policies and procedures to manage Australia’s volunteer workforce sustainably.

There's just on $600,000 up for grabs - look forward to hearing from you.


Sorry, no more offers thanks, the job's been filled - congratulations Marylene Gagne, John Cordery and Patrick Dunlop

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