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A man who doesn't know whether he is a man or woman has no place in our Army

This is "Army - the Soldiers' Newspaper".

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Do you remember the Australian Army?  

Fighting men established it to defend Australia.

Men who thought we had something worth fighting for.

Our Army's honours were battle honours.

Men wore the ribbons of orders, medals and decorations on their chests.

Units recorded their achievements on Colours, Standards, Guidons and Banners.

These were the hard-won honours of the profession of arms.

Your army today seeks out and celebrates awards more at home in cheap frames from K-Mart.

The honours this Army values could be found displayed on the reception desks of grant-seeking consultants.

Awards like this, celebrated in "Army - the Soldiers' Newspaper".

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Why do we celebrate men who decide they want to be women?

A man who doesn't know whether he is a man or woman before enlistment or commission has no place in our Army.

During several months in 1977 I, along with the other successful 33rd class soldiers of the Army Apprentices School went through a battery of intrusive tests.   My family's ASIO files were queried (there were none).  My medical and other records were made available.   My extended family was checked for security risks and I was psychologically and security-background checked.

I was honoured to be accepted and enlisted in the Australian Regular Army where I served 8 years before moving to the Army Reserve in 1986.

I'm sure there were gay men amongst those I served with.

They didn't join because the ADF marched in Mardi Gras.   They didn't value LGBTI awards in their decision to sign up.   They were warriors like me and the other men around them.  They joined up to be warriors and if they couldn't fight, or didn't have the support of the them they'd fight with, they were gone.

I don't know of a single warrior who would be moved to join up by the ADF's social engineering.   Nor do I know of a single warrior who would eschew enlistment because of its absence.

Our Army should fight wars with bayonets, bullets and valour.

Leave the social engineering to the luvvies.

Lest we Forget.