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Ambassador Lucy Turnbull has arrived with plans for a new Australian society

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.  The power behind the nice suits, Lucy Turnbull has arrived and she has plans for us.  A new society!  And Lucy wants to build it herself!!!!.

Lucy is a newly announced ambassador for a group that will receive some of a $100M grant for posters, talks and websites handed down in the federal budget.   So last night the in-crowd got on the taxpayer turps at Kirribilli House to hear Lucy deliver such gems as these:

  • don't date boys who don't respect you
  • Lucy wants to drive cultural change
  • Lucy wants to build a new society that respects women
  • Lucy says victims of assault have suffered in silence for too long  

( For some people nothing good and all the bad things happened "before my time".   I secretly think Lucy might be one of them.)

Here's The Australian today:

Lucy Turnbull the new ­ambassador for Our Watch group


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Lucy Turnbull says she wants a new society, and last night the Prime Minister’s wife opened Kirribilli House to drive her point home.

With an election to be called within days, Mrs Turnbull told guests, including Australia’s ­ambassador for women and girls, Natasha Stott Despoja, that she wanted to help drive cultural change and “build a society that is known for its respect for women”.

Accepting a role as an ­ambassador for the group Our Watch — one of the first she has accepted since her husband became Prime Minister — Mrs Turnbull said: “Victims of domestic violence have suffered in ­silence for too long.”

She said there had been a transformation in attitudes in the past couple of years but this had to ­become permanent cultural change. She urged women to ­ensure that “your brothers and boyfriends and everyone in your family respects you”.

“Don’t date a boy who doesn’t respect you,” she said.

Our Watch was set up in 2013 and is a joint effort of the federal, Victorian, Northern Territory, South Australian, Tasmanian and Queensland governments. It is dedicated to raising awareness and developing policy to prevent violence to women and children.

Tuesday’s federal budget allocated an extra $100 million — some of it previously announced — to commonwealth programs to combat family violence. Mrs Turnbull joins other Our Watch ambassadors including TV presenter Julia Zemiro, novelist Tara Moss, 2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty and TV presenter Charlie Pickering.