Parliament dealt with Craig Thomson's non-punishment last night under cover of darkness. Shame, shame, shame.
Hillary Clinton's downwards spiral - crash landing proximity indicators 19 to the dozen

Ambassador Lucy Turnbull has arrived with plans for a new Australian society

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.  The power behind the nice suits, Lucy Turnbull has arrived and she has plans for us.  A new society!  And Lucy wants to build it herself!!!!.

Lucy is a newly announced ambassador for a group that will receive some of a $100M grant for posters, talks and websites handed down in the federal budget.   So last night the in-crowd got on the taxpayer turps at Kirribilli House to hear Lucy deliver such gems as these:

  • don't date boys who don't respect you
  • Lucy wants to drive cultural change
  • Lucy wants to build a new society that respects women
  • Lucy says victims of assault have suffered in silence for too long  

( For some people nothing good and all the bad things happened "before my time".   I secretly think Lucy might be one of them.)

Here's The Australian today:

Lucy Turnbull the new ­ambassador for Our Watch group


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.02.36 am

Lucy Turnbull says she wants a new society, and last night the Prime Minister’s wife opened Kirribilli House to drive her point home.

With an election to be called within days, Mrs Turnbull told guests, including Australia’s ­ambassador for women and girls, Natasha Stott Despoja, that she wanted to help drive cultural change and “build a society that is known for its respect for women”.

Accepting a role as an ­ambassador for the group Our Watch — one of the first she has accepted since her husband became Prime Minister — Mrs Turnbull said: “Victims of domestic violence have suffered in ­silence for too long.”

She said there had been a transformation in attitudes in the past couple of years but this had to ­become permanent cultural change. She urged women to ­ensure that “your brothers and boyfriends and everyone in your family respects you”.

“Don’t date a boy who doesn’t respect you,” she said.

Our Watch was set up in 2013 and is a joint effort of the federal, Victorian, Northern Territory, South Australian, Tasmanian and Queensland governments. It is dedicated to raising awareness and developing policy to prevent violence to women and children.

Tuesday’s federal budget allocated an extra $100 million — some of it previously announced — to commonwealth programs to combat family violence. Mrs Turnbull joins other Our Watch ambassadors including TV presenter Julia Zemiro, novelist Tara Moss, 2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty and TV presenter Charlie Pickering.


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Grey Coat


("Birds of a feather...... collect together, even unelected ones too) !

...could this possibly be the shape of things to come ?

Shades of "Hillary" ?..... wow !


I've lived for 77 years, during which time I have found that, whatever you are, male or female, the only way to get respect is to earn it!

Those DEMANDING respect from others will never get it!

The issue is NOT respect, but learning to value each other equally, having courteous regard for one another!


Funny, I wouldn't have thought Australia would fit through the S-bend but it seems it has.

Can things get any worse?


All the muslim men are laughing at her. It's OK to beat women if it's in the name of God apparently.


The very first places Lucy Turnbull ought to help with 'Our Watch', are the dysfunctional families in Australia's North, where alcoholism and drug taking are in epidemic proportions among communities and outstations and the small towns such as Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek in my state, but not just those.
Bigger towns such as Broome, Derby and Kununurra are similarly affected, but I guess we will be unlikely to ever see this group 'Our Watch' stoop to provide the much needed support here.
Hand-waving is probably the best we can expect.


Haha, pretty good

The Weekly: Bill Shorten


I would have thought that everyone deserves respect, but not if you don't deserve it. Responsibility and respect go together, but it seems to have been forgotten in this day and age. It is sadly lacking where it's needed, along with with self discipline, in schools.


In my 72 years I have always been treated with respect as a woman and I have always treated men in the same manner. Today demanding respect is insulting Man or woman need to have a look at the way they treat their partner as well as demanding respect for themselves they may not be giving it themselves.


Another Hillary in the making, just hope someone is watching over the money and where it goes.

Michelle two

Money makes some happy, getting it under false pretences and for disempowering women by making them victims is another agenda not compassion. Every soul has a conscience it is not something that is taught it is born with you, so is compassion you either have it or you don't.. compassion with an agenda is no compassion at all just self service, because real compassion doesn't have a price tag you only have to ask volunteers who give their time and energy freely to tortured souls whatever their life path.. They are the true healers they ask for nothing in return for the love and understanding provided..




Boys - do not date a girl unless she respects you

Michelle two

What about violent women they can be really nasty pieces of work.. worse than a man as the spirit of a soul can be broken gender should not come into it at all.. Any money given would be better served on the ground level through charity but even some of those running them are focused on greed while society flounders looking for answers. Posters, stickers and love ins won't cut it.. that is old energy crap that hasn't worked yet only gave the gravy train seekers funds as it was disguised to hide another agenda..


Another large chunk of $100M about to be squandered by feel good lectures, posters and pamphlets. That was riveting advice from the " First Lady ", and now that she has Natasha on board, look out all you Cads out there !

Beam Me Up

Sadly TWOTAS, I suspect things are about to get infinitely worse. It was only a matter of time before Lucy T got her hands onto some levers of federal power, and if Malcolm T manages not to lose the telegraphed election then we'll be knee-deep, if not neck-deep, in more and more junk regulation and "management" of non-existent crises. If Shorten and his crowd of cronies do get to sit on the gummint benches again, it will just be a faster trip down the S-bend, that's all. Either way, the Australian PM will be a smirking, sneering, narcissistic incompetent determined to leave a "legacy", and Australia and her citizens will suffer.


Leeches on society, that is all they are. What a waste of money. Far better ways to spend 100 million dollars.

Beam Me Up

Shades of things to come if the Waffler manages not to lose the election.

seeker of truth

His biggest contribution in the garden is cleaning up the crap of his two bulldogs. What happens when he is in Canberra? Does it pile up for him to do on his weekends off which are few and far between now he is campaigning all over Australia. Bulldogs do a decent size crap.

He's no typical Aussie. He doesn't even mow the lawn. He is an elitist that is the Labor Party despises.

seeker of truth

Seems she is being gender stereotypical in her cause. She's forgotten that relationships these days are not always male and female.

It is easy to give tea parties at the manor house; let's see her get out in the burbs, the country towns and the aboriginal communities with her lecturing. Let's see her drop into the local pubs and clubs to have a chat to the would-be perpetrators of domestic violence (both men and women).


And right on cue, here's Rosie Batty with another brilliant idea.

"Survivors of domestic violence should not have to be cross-examined by their abusers in family law cases, says the 2015 Australian of the Year."

So how do you know they are a survivor of anything than? Because they updated their facebook profile, or just told Rosie that's it's so.

Maggie 47

Another overlooked advantage of having Tony Abbott as our PM was that he had a lovely modest wife who quietly supported him as he was trashed by Turnbull and his press. The opposite is Turnbull's self seeking wife.

When the coup happened I remarked that Australia is getting two for the price of one. I was so correct.


This gives women the go ahead to act like a victim. Again. And a reason for Lucy to hog the limelight and feel relevant. She's been dying to do that for 7 months. Will Malcolm share the glow?


No Maggie, not two for the price of 1, It will cost a ot more but will be hidden from view. Wonder what pay Lucy gets for her management skills.
Hillary Clinton mark2


How on earth are those women mentioned going to stop any form of Domestic Violence from happening.....
There is so much money being spent on this issue,but what is it actually being spent on!
Cases I have read about often involve Arguments occurring because of.....too much alcohol,drug use,gambling,extra marital/partner relationships,jealousy,not in the could go on and on and on with all these possible causes.
I would like to know how many cases are outright violence against women and not set off by some of the above.
There are so many programs already, I wonder if any of them are being handled as well as they could, especially with the loads of money being forked out!!!!!


Lucy must have hidden lights in her hidden tights! Oh, I am [so] terrible...


Aha, moment! - "lights and virtues"

Political speedbump

He might H , The Turnbulls probably believe so much sun shines out each others A*se they deserve the Solar rebate

Political speedbump

The money could have build and staffed heaps of community centres and Emergency accommodation centres.

But no, it will be spent of Adverts, A-lister Gab-fests and fancy dinners and forums,Think tanks,plus a shit load of duplicated overpriced Administration,a gazillion pamphlets that will gather dust on a thousand tables ...lost amounst the other 55 already on there.

Just maybe a few token $thousand will actually reach the hands of a victims to buy a bandaid and coke .

Michelle two

Lucy Turnbull must run the business side of things can you imagine Mal own business if he ran it the same way he intends to run the Australian government business when he has no idea..sounds like he just counts and spends without taking costs into account..

Just Thinkin'

Crikey, do these people EVER spend any of their
OWN money?

ALWAYS on the public teat, spending my money!
And yours, too.

They have no shame.....


Lucy has the eyes of a cobra. She considers herself to be intellectually superior to we mere mortals and she always knows what is best for we mere mortals. One can only hope she disappears round the S bend with her husband in one giant flush! But then that would leave us with an alleged rapist as prime minister - I guess we will have to flush again.


An industry created out of domestic violence? That's true innovation.


I totally agree with what you say "Political speedbump"
absolutely Spot On!

 "The Global Serf"

The New,(Self-Appointed)& un-elected entity, (or should I, say "Eminent Person" pontificating On High at The Kirribilli Mansion (with probably,drinks all round) & Tax-Payer Funded (of course) ! ... none other than Lucy Turnbull The "New Advocate" (apparently).. for all things.

I, read today the following, ( which is especially galling when Muslims jump the queue for benefits once they land here.)... "Big Australia" anyone ?..... & Have you been consulted on this new concept ?

Anyway.... I, digress... I,read the following 105,217 Australians will be homeless tonight, of these there are 26,226 who are young people aged 12-24 &.... 17,842 are children 12 years old or perhaps even younger !

I, wonder if the new "Wonder Woman" has much to say on this one in....this .. "The Lucky Country" !

wayne Job



Tom you are spot on with your assessment of the 2 witches of "our watch".
would they be seen in Fitzroy crossing or Weipa,addressing the males and females who continue with "the life" they only know. Why not use the 100G to try and help these people. They would not know where these place were on the map


More than a 100g, BB...We're talking millions!


YEK! The socialist set has walked through the institutions
to such an extent, they've taken the LNP PM and replaced it
with the Turnbull turncoats.


So many of our Pollys live in giant bubbles of conceit.

Roll on the election so they can ALL get a good pricking!

Steve J

"An industry created out of domestic violence."
Yes, and one punching above its weight.
Couldn't resist it.

Joyce elais

Yes Diana it takes two to tango but y ou would never know it from all the domestic violence hype that we are fed by the media, why is it that it is always the man who must change its never the woman she is always portrayed as the poor victim in every domestic dispute. It's time for both parties to accept a share and acknowledge that their attitudes contribued toward the ensuing violence.

ade caparas manilah

i guess many amongst us women know better than she is... what a waste of $100 million for nothing... hey use the money for housing, to house homeless Australians .. not your favourite illegal refugees and before you teach us women, teach yourself first... how to guide your husband Turngoat in his thinking, he got no brain!


Excuse the language and the ferocity with which I say this but these elitist assholes with too much time on their hands are really starting to make me sick. use your own money and not taxpayers !!!. This is morally corrupt and I just want to know where to be with my pitchfork and fire and I will be there. Just sickening with a their social manipulation. They make the likes of Gillard and co. look like angels. Cultural Marxism from the supposed (?) 'right of politics'. Anyone who votes Liberal at the next Federal election is either a self centred elite or a person lying to themselves as to what the Liberal Party is. TURNBULL, AND HIS WIFE have got to go. .... :-(


Lucy but out. Use the money for the people who need it.The towns in our north are in need of help not more money used by the likes of you to be wasted on thing they do not through any city in Australia at midnight and see who are rolling drunk on the roads you want respect.Male mental health has been a huge problem for years try and get help it is not there. Left wing tree hugging feminists.A friend rang Men's help line and got a Female. and was told to be a man and suck it up.100 Mil you should be donating that not using tax payers money for your girls only hate party's


Spot on Tom😀

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