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Shorten - "I will lead Australia like a unionist, like an AWU organiser" - still taking orders from Bill Ludwig?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten: I’ll lead like a unionist


Bill Shorten in Queensland. ‘As Labor leader, I still think like an organiser.’

Bill Shorten says he still thinks like a union organiser, and if he wins the election he will take a similar ­approach to the office of prime minister as he did to leading the Australian Workers Union. 

In a pre-election manifesto penned by the Opposition Leader and released today, Mr Shorten says he is proud of his background as an AWU organiser, despite ­Coalition attempts to “smear” his past through the royal commission into trade unions.

Arguing that his tenure at the union, including six years as ­national secretary, taught him to solve problems and balance competing interests, Mr Shorten says he will draw on this experience if he becomes prime minister in July.

“As Labor leader, I still think like an organiser. Whether it’s dealing with the rising influence of vested interests or solving a community-level problem, empowering people is the key,” he writes in For the Common Good, published by Melbourne University Press.

Mr Shorten cites his experience negotiating difficult workplace agreements as evidence of his deal-making skills, which included convincing workers to embrace flexibility and companies to pay more to employees.

“I genuinely believe it is still possible to sell necessary, practical change in contemporary Australia. I did it in the hundreds of enterprise agreements I negotiated during my time at the AWU — convincing workers to embrace flexibility; convincing companies to pay their employees more money than they wanted to; trying to identify the value in the business and how people contribute; and then making sure all got their fair share.”

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Bill sure does still think like an AWU organiser - read his last few words:

making sure all got their fair share


Bill Ludwig was always at the top of that list, he'll be thrilled to see Bill Shorten hasn't forgotten what side his bread's buttered on.

Looks like the Sussex Street boys are ready to let the good times roll again.

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Surely to God we cannot be seriously contemplating a return to the unionocracy calling the shots?

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The greater tragedy is that the Liberal Party did nothing and is doing nothing with the reams of cases of criminal behaviour made out in the trade union royal commission.   They got on the train but hopped off at Redfern.

By comparison look at the mileage the union movement made out of a dinner invitation to Mr Heydon.

Shorten is a crook - he made the substantive agreement with Thiess/John Holland under which a $300K secret commission was paid.  He is a lying slime bag.   The fact that he is looking electable is testament to the impotence of Turnbull's government.