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Victoria Police - no power to act on rioters with a cause thanks to CFMEU/Labor Government

This from today's Herald Sun in Melbourne

Coburg riot: Police say they’re powerless after law change

May 29, 2016 11:30pm

Anthony Dowsley Herald Sun

Police to consider face mask ban after riots

  • As it happened: Violent protesters clash at Coburg rally
  • Coburg riot: Rally descends into violence
  • State Opposition: Enough is enough
  • Traders’ plea fell on deaf ears
  • Former UPF member tells of fears

VICIOUS rioters cannot be stopped from bringing violence to our streets because police have been stripped of powers to move them on, officers say.

Police Association chief Ron Iddles says officers’ hands are tied because of an “absurd’’ government decision last year to water down police powers.

As a result of the change — which is understood essentially to have been a concession to the militant Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union — Senior Sergeant Iddles says police can no longer move on demonstrators who are protesting about particular causes, such as racism, civil rights, or pay and work conditions.

Officers can act only once protests spiral out of control, he says.

The former homicide detective said on Sunday the change had prevented police from intervening in Saturday’s protest in Coburg (below) before it became a “massive street brawl’’.

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