The PM employs Lin Hatfield-Dodds from The Greens as architect for The Turnbulls' vision of a new society
The two worlds of Chairman Mal - talks big on jobs, but spends big on draining the economy

Waleed Aly wins Gold and Best Presenter Logies - dedicates award to Dimitris and Mustafas


Diversity is its own reward.

Logies 2016: Waleed Aly wins top prize, Noni Hazlehurst inducted into Hall of Fame

Updated about 3 hours ago

Waleed Aly
Waleed Aly has taken out the top prize at Australian television's night of nights, dedicating his Gold Logie to "Dimitri, Mustafa, and all other people with unpronounceable names like Waleed".

Big winners at the Logies:

  • Best TV Personality: Waleed Aly (The Project, Network Ten)
  • Best Actress: Jessica Marais (Love Child, Nine Network)
  • Best Actor: Erik Thomson (800 Words, Channel Seven)
  • Most Outstanding Actress: Deborah Mailman (Redfern Now, ABC)
  • Most Outstanding Actor: Alex Dimitriades (The Principal, SBS)
  • Best Presenter: Waleed Aly (The Project, Network Ten)

The presenter of Channel 10's news current affairs program The Project beat five other nominees including two fellow news presenters in the Best Television Personality category.

Those pipped at the post included Aly's co-host Carrie Bickmore, who won the top prize last year, and SBS News veteran Lee Lin Chin, the Logies underdog.

Aly, who also took home Best Presenter, told the audience people from diverse cultural backgrounds deserved greater representation on the small screen, and opened his acceptance speech with a nod to awkward comments made in the lead-up to the awards ceremony.

"Do not adjust your sets … there's nothing wrong with the picture. I'm sure there's an Instagram filter you can use to return things to normal," he joked.

"This is happening, it's true. Finally a male presenter on commercial TV has won the Gold Logie."

Aly told the audience about a fan called Dimitri who urged him to take home the prize.

"He came up to me and through gritted teeth commanded me to claim this award tonight. This really, really mattered to him. This really meant something to him," Aly said.

"It matters to them for a particular reason. That reason was brought home shudderingly not so long ago when someone who is in this room — and I'm not going to use the name they use in this industry — came up to me and said: 'I really hope you win. My name is Mustafa. But I can't use that name because I won't get a job.' And it matters to people like that that I am here.

"To Dimitri and Mustafa and all the other people with unpronounceable names like Waleed, I want to say one thing: that is that I am incredibly humbled you would even think to invest in me that way.

"But I'm also incredibly saddened by it because the truth is you deserve more numerous and more worthy avatars than that. 

"I don't know if and when that's going to happen but if tonight means anything ... that is the Australian public, our audience, as far as they're concerned there is absolutely no reason that can't change."



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Well, now....He really won't be able to keep it in, since his attainment of the Gold Logie. From the Cat Stevens album, "Catch Bull at Four" - "Cat Stevens - Can't Keep It In" -

P.S. Seems like a lot of bull.... ;) - "Ten Bulls" -


Big frigging deal...all it proves is that at least ONE person watches the Project...and the yearly Lefty Love In has been hijacked by an apologist for Islam.




I posted a comment on the Daily Mail this morning in reply to a person calling anyone who didn't agree with this award as bogans. I queried why if my opinion was different to their's why I should be called a bogan and that the Logies had now lost the last shred of credibility it may have had left and what a joke it had become. My comment was posted along with a few other replies to the comment but mine and the other comments were removed a short while later but not the original post. Way to silence the critics or should I say bogans !!


I am a first wave feminist
I believe in equality for all Australians
I want boys & girls to be equal (but different)
I object to Schools tainting children's developing sexuality
(both GBLT & hard right conservative religious influences)

Because I am a feminist I totally reject the doctrine of Islam
I believe that the arts community are run by Marxists
I believe that Journalists are run by Marxists
I do not think gay people should be thrown off buildings
I do not agree with women being stoned for adultery
I do not celebrate Waleed Aly winning this award as he is the antithesis of all I believe

Michelle Two

Good morning xx The new buzzwords for groupthinkers are "Diversity" and "Inclusion" watch for this buzz speak and you know what sort of gatherings they attend and what the new trend is to fit into this group .. they will all start to simulate each other with the same speak - it will be like two separate groups of people actually it already is where one side doesn't have to pronounce they belong to a special group as they belong to the one group the "human race" so don't need the separate box or to be in a special group to lecture others on how to behave.. this is all a psychology mind game to change the way you think and behave when in fact it isn't you. It is those in the groupthink circle that have separated themselves from the rest of humanity because there is an agenda being pushed behind it.. It feels so special to get an award and those in the groupthink circle think they mean something where most of us could not care or less and stopped watching the idiot box a long time ago.. The internet is slowly taking over the TV as the human race can then discern for themselves what information it is they need and that which they resonate with so the population is slowly waking up to the control they have been feeling taking over their lives.. There is still a long way to go and some more experiences the population need to have before lessons are learnt and they truly awaken to the elite that want to control them.. At the moment they are apathetic and so accepting and not questioning enough those that rule us so a big wake up call is coming with it misery they have never felt before.. Brace yourselves but relax you are prepared and know what it coming as I will keep you informed as will Michael and other places on the net you visit for your information.. Don't fear what is coming as you will not be affected and you need to keep your own life centred and balanced with what ever is going on on the outside it is what goes on the inside of you that will matter more and it is what keeps you centred and at peace with the world even in chaos as everything that has happen or will happen is doing so for a reason, this is what I search for as I think this soul has seen it all before with collapsing of other empires and the many civilization battles.. let the love and light in of your soul it is what does keep you balanced and you can adapt to any change that comes as it will come.. have a great day, release fears, let go and remember you are loved always and never alone.. xx love and light xx I will draw an Angel card later so if you have questions or need guidance fire away the spirit realm are always listening for your questions as they want to see us at peace in this time of turmoil that we are seeing in all sections of society with the dark force on the rise it is only so they come out of hiding and we can see them for who they are and reject the offer of a nanny governed society.. simply because we know who we are and don't need the lectures on how to behave like a human as that is the race we all belong to.. xx


I have to wonder if this win was a forgone conclusion (rigged)! When I now hear the word "diversity" I think "divisive".


I would rather win 6th Division in the lotto than a gold Logie. Given what a joke of an award the Logies are, I think it suits him rather well.


Could Waleed "do not adjust your sets" Aly be our new Captain Fantastic?


I don't know whether Waleed Aly is worthy of being called the Best Personality on Australian TV as I have never seen him perform, and that was also the case with Carrie Bickmore and many other winners before them.
Who votes for these people?
Is it totally the public!


It was called an idiot box long before the little token appeared on it.


I feel Mustafa"s pain. I can't tell people I vote conservative because no-one will employ me in:
1. Any Public Service;
2. Any Education Department;
3. Any MSM organisation;
4. The ABC;
5. The building & construction industry;
6. The maritime industry;
7. The Arts industry;
8. The University Sector.


I don’t begrudge him his Logie, but It does make me uncomfortable that this guy is being lifted to a status whereby he pretty much is above legitimate criticism now. He can say what he likes and pull the racism card out when put under the microscope. It’s not a healthy situation. I wish someone like a Michael Smith or an Andrew Bolt could get half an hour to put questions and points to him and have him answer, rather than question or comment as he normally does (always controlling the conversation and agenda), for a change. Yes, laying my cards on the table, I’m a conservative who is suspicious of the PC crowd and the agenda driven bent of the “Media” in Australia. If the TV week readers want this bloke as their standard bearer, then good on them. For me, he gets more attention and credibility than he should probably warrant. For me, there’s one big question that I wish SOMEBODY would get an answer from him on: If a member of the Muslim community has knowledge of potential unlawful activity within their circle, what should their course of action be (IE: should they IMMEDIATELY advise the Police or should they keep it in house for now). His answer and the method he uses to deliver it, would speak volumes, I believe.


Tom...Well written Tom and I could add another one.
Being a Catholic seems to give others the right to abuse me, or at least question me in depth about the Sexual Abuse of children by the clergy.
I wonder if Waleed Aly gets as many questions about his faith.....mmmmmm


Nice to see that he won a Logie, the same type of award won by "Gogglebox". Both in the same category, "CRAP".


I want to vomit.

Lee Lin Chin should have won. She works a lot harder than that dickhead. And I agree with STC... The Logies are a farce anyway.


Absolute Rubish


Waleed Aly has got to where he is today bearing his family name and not changing it...So why does Mustafa and Dimitri think they had to change their names to get a job!
Waleed Aly is a Sunni Muslim and was educated at Wesley College,a Christian school belonging to the Uniting Church in Melbourne.His parents are from Egypt.
He went on to study at Melbourne University.
He has done very well throughout his life and has enjoyed many and varied jobs...A lawyer,an Academic,a Lecturer,a radio host a TV host and now a Gold Logie winner.......
Australia...a wonderful place to live!
Can anyone see any racism or discrimination here!
A welcoming Christian school obviously gave him a wonderful education that gave him the foundation to excel in life.
I would imagine that Waleed Aly would hope to give his two children the same great education he had been given.


I will not offer my congratulations to Wanker Aly. Aly is a fraud & a weasel.


Well said Tom!

Wayne shaft

It's simply about having someone to spout lefty bullshit to the plebs, and this bloke ticks all the boxes , Muslim, ethnic , politically correct , with a direct link to generation Z ..... Quick someone ask the great man about his views on homosexual marriage!🐞🐞🐞


Manufactured outrage pandering to irrational and emotional people with underdeveloped intellectual capacity or just genuinely mentally defective ... and the "Gold Can o' Spam" (TM) goes to Squalid Ali...

I vote against you...


Neither the Daily Mail nor the Guardian allow free speech with the censorship they apply hidden within their "community standards" as established, interpreted and enforced by.... themselves.

If you tow their line you are always in favor and your comments will remain.

Don't get upset at being censored as both paper's comment sections are a waste of time. The following weekend example of a Guardian comments section moment illustrates the point.

There were 65 comments when the Guardian article on Malcolm Turnbull and the pending election was sampled.

Of these 12 belonged to the label OncewasAus and 8 belonged to Thislyinggovernment which means that almost 33% of comment at that time was coming from just 2 individuals.

What makes it even more farcical is that OncewasAus was that desperate to make a comment on one thread he responded to himself!!

OncewasAus posted a comment in response to a comment by another poster then he (OncewasAus) immediately posted another comment in response to his own comment (OncewasAus to OncewasAus). The answer to why he could not have posted just one comment incorporating everything he wanted to say could be a good indicator of what is up with this person. Then along came Thislyinggovernment who responded to OncewasAus and then OncewasAus responded to Thislyinggovernment.

If you click on the posters name you can see all their comment history and you soon realise who are the worthwhile posters and who are the rent-a-mob sweatshop posters just the doing the bidding of outfits like GetUp etc.

Not on the Left

I always regarded the Logies as a huge joke, with zero credibility.

The PC wankers and crawlers on behalf of Islam have got their hands on the Logies awards now!


Waleed is very un Australian.
He wants to be a champion for Muslims , for those who perceive themselves to be discriminated against but at this same time Waleed discriminates against Caucasian and Christian community.
The show is the self appreciation and admiration show with hosts laughing their heads off for the jokes and one liners that are not funny at all.
I wonder how this shows gets this kind of recognition?

Michelle Two

Someone that has lived in a free democratic society all their life has not tasted the true totalitarian society his supposed ideology lies in.. because of the groupthink accolades he is blind to what it is he doesn't want to see or learn.. He may see it but the truth is feared amongst those who like to be in the groupthink of finding a victim or of being one of society in general.. Other wise why would they need to dictate the rules of how to behave as a human of which we are all one.. the racist/name calling card is always drawn to shut the messenger of the truth down of what ever ideology they think they are protecting as some are never off bounds of criticism as you will have noticed..

Michelle Two

"If you click on the posters name you can see all their comment history and you soon realise who are the worthwhile posters and who are the rent-a-mob sweatshop posters just the doing the bidding of outfits like GetUp etc."

Don't these rent a crowd media spongers all start to sound the same and talk up the subject that they wish to pursue,(like how super duper it or someone is or isn't) or talk down what it is you commented on, most do resort to attacking you personally for your view if the comment you leave actually stays..


Ask Waleed (deaths are an irritation) Aly if there are any parts of the koran with which he disagrees. Ask him about Israel's right to exist. It would be revealing to see his true colours but of course he would engage in obfuscation and the islam side step.


Awesome comment Michelle. I'm a 70 yr old woman, wife, mum and grandma. I never paid a lot of attention to politics while I was busy doing wifely and mother duties, on top of working full time.
I retired, with more time than as in the past briefly reading printed newspaper headlines, I started reading msm online; around the time labor began it's slow but sure decimation of the country.
Slowly but surely, what was happening was akin to my senses, like when you open the fridge door, and an odor of something moldy and decomposing reaches the nostrils. You search and discover something putrid which escaped, and wedged itself behind the crisper.
Like using elbow grease, giving the fridge an overdue cleaning, thus began my i/net search for sites which told some truth. Hello Michael Smith.
Not only Michael, but regular contributors to the comments, such as yourself. Thank you.


Hala pie-eater Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm are very happy that Waleed Aly won the award. Perceptive Barnaby reckons that the election will be close,,,


Those left wing people who are employed in those 8 professions wouldn't get a job outside those 8 professions because they would enter the real world.

Liz of  Vic

M Two,

You forgot to mention 'going forward' !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Tam

Ever get the feeling that you have lost your country? Forget Liberal & Labor when voting, apparently they want kill our country.


Give the token a trophy. Give the token a soap box. Give the token anything to shut the clown up. What a wanker.


I've voted Conservative all my life, and I never had any difficulty getting into the Public Service - you had to wear funny green clothes, and get yelled at all the time,and walk long distances carrying lots of gear,and live in a hole in the ground......


Coincidentally (or maybe not) the BBC in the UK had their BAFTA awards last night, apparently the word "diversity" came up quite a bit there as well.

Michelle Two

Here are those words again "Diversity" and another word I didn't mention in the above comment is "Gender equality"..

Rob Greer

The Logies ... What a load of self-indulgent CRAP!!


You got it correct in 1 HelenK.I agree fully with your comment, logies have always been a farce,ask the idiots who are not pi55ed if they have a speech prepared.
Add to this mob of wankers,the xarmy clown who thinks he is king of Aussie.

Wayne shaft

It all originates from the United nations , do the research for yourself, don't just follow the misinformation of our lame stream media, the truth is out there.🐞🐞🐞

Liz of Vic


I am amazed that Mal has not picked him yet as his media-adviser
and put him in his PM's Cabinet, another guy who does nothing else than insult Australia's people! Mal's forte!

And everybody swallows it, makes me sick!

Edward James

and your religion is a private matter

Edward James

Dont forget these are TV awards for people who are good for TV. A form of marketing publicity, like whats happening here.

Wayne shaft


Bikinis not Burkas

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