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Chairman Mal hosts Ramadan dinner at Kiribilli with Waleed Aly - speaks of Islamic values of democracy and love for others

UPDATE - we are indebted to Stu of NT for this remark nailing Turnbull.   Thanks Stu for putting this whole thing in perspective and for the important insight into "look-at-me" Malcolm the Superior.


Tonight the Chairman turned the taxpayer funded largesse on for a celebration of Ramadan.   Along with celebrity Muslim Waleed Aly and a host of Hijabs the Chairman celebrated our shared values with Islam including democracy, the rule of law and above all, the very top of the list - love for all other humans.

No one told him he was dreaming.





He puts the Australian Liberty Alliance last on how to vote (behind the Greens and Labor) but hosts a dinner to celebrate Ramadan at taxpayer expense at his Official Residence.

Strange view of conservative values Malcolm.

All the photos and video in this piece via Twitter and AAP.