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Day 22 Ramadan bomb-a-thon scorecard from the Religion of Peace

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Religion of Peace 
Atrocity of the Week
Suicide Bomber Dressed 
as Priest to Kill Christians

Atrocity of the Week



Other Recent
of Islam"

2016.06.28 (Iraq) 

At least a dozen worshippers are laid out by a suicide blast at a mosque.

2016.06.27 (Lebanon) 
Six people are left dead after four suicide bombers detonate at a small village. 

2016.06.27 (Yemen) 
A woman and child are among over forty taken out by four suicide bombers.

 2016.06.25 (Bangladesh) 
A Hindu practitioner is beheaded by Religion of Peace radicals. 

2016.06.25 (India) 
Lashkar-e-Taiba members pour machine-gun fire into a bus, killing eight passengers. 

2016.06.25 (Somalia) 
An al-Shabaab suicide bombing at a hotel claims the lives of fouteen employees and guests.