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Grand Mufti "Sheik Shady a victim of media-terrorism" - challenges PM's condemnation of "religious ruling" on gays

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The Prime Minister says it was a mistake to invite the Shady Sheik to Kirribilli House and condemns the Sheik's teaching on gays.  

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but the Shady Sheik's views are the views of Islam.   He is supported by the Grand Mufti and the national council of Imams.

Malcolm's mistake wasn't inviting a Shady Sheik.  The PM's difficulties arise from endorsing Islam, the same Islam the Sheik represents.

The Facebook pages of the council of Imams and the Grand Mufti are like a parallel Australia with Arab and Islamic culture, norms and morality.

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The Grand Mufti has now trapped the Prime Minister by publishing an open letter which is now going viral through the web.

The Grand Mufti of the Muslims of Australia doesn't just endorse his colleague - he goes much further.   He says the Shady Sheik is a victim of a type of terrorism.

Well one of the first cabs out of that rank was none other than the Prime Minister.  

Australia's PM condemns the Sheik and says his views and teaching on gays have no place in Australia.  The Grand Mufti supports him and says he is a victim of terrorism.

The challenge has been laid down PM.   The Grand Mufti has made move, the next move is yours.

Say nothing and you will tell us all we need to know.

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