US House Committee Benghazi report - Hillary Clinton falsely linked Youtube video with attacks
Yesterday US issued increased terror threat warning against travel to Turkey - today 28 dead and 60 wounded in airport attack

Labor's election ad featuring opinions of Sam Dastyari's 5YO and 4YO friend that "Bill Shorten is a leader"

This is Shameless Sam and his campaign experts.   Shameless sent the Labor faithful a begging email overnight:

Did you see my video about the least negative ad ever?

In these final days of the campaign the Liberals are spending like crazy on negative TV advertising.

We can't outspend them, but thanks to your donations we've been able to launch a TV ad of our own. One that speaks to Labor's positive vision for Australia and the qualities of our united Labor team under the leadership of Bill Shorten. 

It's also been put together by two campaign experts, Hannah Dastyari (age 5) and Charlotte Jackson Crosby (age 4 and a half).


But we need your help to buy more ad spots. If you like the ad, chip in now so we can spread the message!



Sam Dastyari
Senator for NSW

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That'll do me.