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John Hewson the spoiler - attention seeking writ large

This 'look at me" media alert is from the very needy failed Liberal leader John Hewson.


Date: 25 June 2016 at 14:06:11 AEST
Subject: Ex-Liberal leader John Hewson to skip Libs’ election launch for Wentworth climate protest tomorrow

MEDIA ALERT June 25, 2016


Ex-Liberal leader and Wentworth MP John Hewson to skip 
Libs’ election launch to speak at climate protest tomorrow
  • Steyne Park, Double Bay, Sunday, June 26, 11am


Former Liberal Party leader and member for Wentworth John Hewson will skip the party’s national

election launch in western Sydney tomorrow to speak at a climate protest in his old seat,

now held by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the protest in Double Bay calling for more action on climate change.

Other speaker will include CSIRO climate scientist Dr Michael Borgas, Airlie Beach dive instructor Tony Fontes

and medical doctor Kate Charlesworth, an expert in climate health impacts. 

For more information, contact Wilderness Society media adviser Alex Tibbitts on 0416 420 168


UK Electoral authorities called to "deal with" woman who shared her pen with other voters at Brexit poll


She may have influenced another vote to leave the madness of the over-regulated tape-measure-on-the-bananas nanny state EU.

What a marvellous metaphor for the bad old days hopefully soon long forgotten.


And now we should be looking at the value we get from the money we pay to the UN.

Why should Saudi Arabia get away with taking no refugees, chopping off heads when God tells the King a bloke's gotta go, denying women rights, routinely executing homosexuals, financing terrorism etc and end up as head of the UN's  human rights bodty?

It is a sad tired old lefty joke.

Twitter proves its credentials as a consistently unreliable indicator of what the real population is thinking

Twitter is the medium favoured by The Left, The Media and the self-proclaimed savvy, up-with-the-play crowd.

Thanks to Latika M Bourke for another insight into the dangers of believing that Twitter is a broad democratic indicator.

Don't believe your own PR!



AMWU & Labor Party using photos of uniformed ADF personnel and logos in political campaign - where's the apolitical ADF sticking up for its independence?

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 3.24.11 amThanks to reader Jill for the tip.

AMWU - Australia's security relies on 4 uniforms

According to the ACTU affiliated Australian Manufacturing Workers Union "Australia's security relies on 4 uniforms".  Its material attacking the LNP shows a photo of an Australian Army soldier, RAAF Airman, RAN sailor and a civilian worker next to an AMWU logo.

The AMWU is campaigning against the LNP because it wants the government to employ more civilian workers in defence industries.

Its campaign includes a petition and a request that members promote the following material on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.41.01 pm

And that's just the start - here's their booklet cover.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.49.46 am

Which features the AMWU's secretary on the inside cover along with heaps of ADF hardware and people.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.38.23 am

There's a nice placement of the AMWU logo with this RAAF aircraft on the back.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.36.33 am

And the Labor Party itself is even in there backing the AMWU campaign.

 And this is the AMWU's blurb in support of their petition calling on the government to employ more workers - shown here with the photo of ADF uniformed people that appears above the petition at the AMWU website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.37.00 amRespect Defence Workers: Cuts Could Kill 

Our uniformed Defence Forces rely on a 'silent army' of civilian workers to support them. 

An 'army' of engineering and technical workers spend every day at work making sure that the equipment used by our armed forces is working, is safe and is ready to go. 

But a lack of planning and investment means that jobs are being shed, and skills are not being replaced. 

Already, we are starting to face a shortage of these vital workers - and those that are left are being stretched thin.

To safeguard national security, Australia needs a civilian workforce capable of designing and maintaining a variety of military equipment.

These skills, knowledge and experience needs to be preserved into the future. 

Join us in calling on the Government to invest in Defence skills and Respect Defence Workers. 

Show your support by:

Signing the petition below. 

And remember to share your support on social media with your friends and help spread the word. 


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This study into HR practices of volunteer organisations makes a lot more sense now in the context of CFA and ACTU ambitions

Thanks to reader Michelle Two for the reminder about this piece we published in late April this year.

What's the bet the ACTU is taking a big interest in the report.


Sydney's Imam Husain Islamic Centre advises 'best way is to chop gay men's heads off'.

Sheik Sodegar's prescription for dealing with Sydney's gay man epidemic is proudly published in Australia right now!

It must be good advice because it's published by a Federal Government registered deductible gift recipient.

Yes how to kill gay men is brought to you by a charity organisation - exempt of any taxes courtesy of the Australian Government of Fools - the Imam Husain Islamic Centre.

Thanks to reader Bozo who advises where to find more hate and bile like this extract of the Sheik's advice to Allah-fearing followers of Muhammad (opprobrium be upon him) about dealing with homosexuality 


Bozo said:
The good sheik's lectures can be conveniently located on the moderate Australian Immam Hussein Islamic Centre.
Bozo's link take you to this group of videos, published during last year's Muharram  - a Muslim holy month and killing season (aren't they all?) featuring the being hit on the head parade.

Muharram 2015

Video Gallery

IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 1 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 2 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 3 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 4 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 5 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 6 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 7 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 8 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 9 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 10 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
IHIC - 10 Muharram 2015 - Ashura Day - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar 
IHIC - Muharram 2015 - Night 11 - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

Muslim Imam "a role model for young Muslims" explains the 5 approved methods for executing gay men. Today.

This mainstream traditional Muslim Imam is preaching throughout the world right now.

The Muslim Group of USA and Canada, describes Hamza Sodagar like this on its website:

"Shaykh Hamza Sodagar is an American scholar raised in Washington, DC. He currently resides in Qum, Iran and has been studying for over fourteen years, specializing in Islamic Law and Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence as well as Islamic Philosophy. Currently, he is attending the dars-e-kharij of the renowned scholar, Grand Ayatullah Shubairi Zanjani. Over the years, Shaykh Sodagar has travelled to many places around the globe to speak on matters concerning the Muslim community. As a result, he is deemed a role model by young Muslims all around the world."


Our Prime Minister wants me to change.   He says I should give more respect and love to these arseholes???

Malcolm, I would not give them the steam off my redacted.

Where ever it is that you are leading Australia to - I don't want to go thanks Malcolm.