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Turnbull won't take Shorten on over character and trustworthiness - what's he afraid of?

Smith editorial - Turnbull launch - strong economy means we meet our international obligations on climate change??


Turnbull on strong economy 

A stronger economy means we can afford to fund world-class education and health services, including Medicare, without weighing down our children and grandchildren with more debt and deficits.

Fairness between generations means we must live within our means (which sounds hollow because there's nothing in today's launch nor in his broader public statements about the sort of approach that Howard and Costello took to reducing the deficit and debt).

And it also means we can afford to leave a cleaner environment to those children with programs like our $1 billion investment plan to improve water quality in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, our $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund, our $1 billion National Landcare Program or our $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund.

A strong economy means we can meet and beat our international obligations to address climate change.

On union corruption and Labor 

On the other hand, our opponents in the Labor Party have no economic plan at all.

Labor believes its best hope of being elected is to have trade union officials phone frail and elderly Australians in their homes at night, to scare them, to scare them into thinking they are about to lose something which has never been at risk.

Bill Shorten put this Medicare lie at the heart of his election campaign.

And they boast of how many people they have deceived.

That’s not an alternative government, that’s an Opposition unfit to govern.

When he’s not trying to frighten older Australians, Mr Shorten is prosecuting an anti-business, anti-growth agenda more toxic and backward-looking than any Labor leader in a generation.

Tax hikes on business and investment; more special deals for his union mates; higher deficits and higher debt.

Every element of his platform will discourage investment and employment. It is a recipe for economic stagnation.

His vision splendid is to run the nation like a trade union.

Well the volunteer firefighters of Victoria know what that looks like.

And on every building site around Australia, honest tradesmen and builders know the high price they pay for the lawlessness and the thuggery of the CFMEU.

If returned at this election, we will convene a joint sitting to restore the rule of law in the construction industry and reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission so Australians can have the infrastructure of the 21st century that they need at a price that they can afford.

Labor and the Greens will fight tooth and nail to defend their paymasters in the CFMEU.

It’s the same old Labor; a replay of the Gillard years, and another power-sharing fiasco with the Greens and Independents.

 Border protection

Our border protection policy depends on three pillars - boat turn-backs, offshore processing and Temporary Protection Visas.\

Labor has already abandoned TPVs so they do not have the same policy as we do - they don’t even claim to have the same policy as we do. And who would trust them on the rest.

We must never forget how Labor in government failed Australia at the border.

Labor’s abandonment of John Howard’s proven border protection policy opened the door to the people smugglers.

The result - 50,000 unauthorised arrivals on 800 boats, 1,200 deaths at sea of which we know, over 8,000 children put into detention, 17 detention centres opened and an $11 billion border protection budget blowout.

In contrast, the Coalition has restored security at the border, integrity to our immigration program - and with it the trust of the Australian public.

I am proud to announce that today marks 700 days without a successful people-smuggling venture to our country.


 A comment on leaders who lack conviction - like himself on union corruption?

Strong border protection policies instil confidence. A weak and failing system has the opposite effect.

That is the risk in a Labor-Greens-independent alliance - they lack the conviction, they lack the will to keep our borders secure.

The most fundamental right - to live without violence - but no mention and no policy on Islam 

I announce initiatives that go to that most fundamental of liberties – the right to live without fear of violence.

My first announcement as Prime Minister was a new $100 million package to encourage all Australians squarely to confront the ugly truth of violence against women and children in our society.


And a prize to anyone who can make sense of the graphic Chairman Mal and his people chose to accompany his launch speech no his website

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