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The Liberals how to vote card - Australian Liberty Alliance last, after Labor, after The Greens - after all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.32.01 pmTony Duncan is a successful businessman.

I know him.   He's a great bloke.   Committed to Australia and our values.

Tony employs people.   He's involved in international business.   He's at the cutting edge of information technology - he'd be one of Turnbull's "innovators" - if he allowed himself to speak in that trendy gibberish.

Only Turnbull doesn't want a bar of him.

The Liberals think Tony and the Australian Liberty Alliance are worse for Australia than The Greens.

Worse for Australia than Labor.

Tony Duncan is last on the Liberal Party's how to vote card.

And that stinks.   Listen to the man and tell me what you think.

Here's a link to Andrew Laming's website.

Here's his how to vote card.


And when you go to the "Our Team" link at the top of Laming's webpage - this is what you see.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.32.24 pm

I have contacted Andrew to ask for an on the record interview.   If you're in his electorate, would you please let him know that you think it's important he have a chat with me (and through me us) about this decision.


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Here's Tony's bio from the ALA website.

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan

Candidate for Bowman

Tony grew up in a working class suburb in Brisbane.   Tony took many part-time jobs to make ends meet and fund his studies through university, graduating with a Bachelor of Business.  He joined a small accounting firm and studied further. later progressing his career through large accounting and consulting firms.   This included working overseas for 6 years and starting his own software business.  Since 2005 his current business has grown and now employs a considerable number of people and services customers on an international basis.

Tony has never been a member of a political party before joining the ALA in 2015.  He has watched with increasing concern as successive governments of various political leanings over the last 10 years have treated the Australian people as mugs and made decisions that are not in the nation's best interests.

As a concerned father and husband, who has always subscribed to the theory that "it is no good complaining about something without being prepared to do something about it", he joined the ALA to rectify the problems that are being ignored and in some cases positively enlarged, as these problems will not go away and will need to be sorted out by future generations if action is not taken.

Tony could have ignored these issues, avoided public comment and left it to someone else to sort out.   The unfortunate truth is that if everyone thinks this way, all you will end up with is career politicians and that is what Australian currently has in abundance.  The results are all around us, whether they be:

  • Record National Debt, which our children will have to repay in the form of reduced government services and lower pensions.  This is the cruellest legacy the current generation can pass onto our kids.
  • Cultural suicide where the proud history and example of our previous generations in protecting each other is being ignored and actively corroded.
  • Our education system being used as a plaything of the politically correct, while the basics of education are being ignored.
  • Political Correctness that is strangling our ability to conduct necessary yet confronting debate on important topics for our country's future.
  • Red Tape, Green Tape and more regulations that are strangling our ability to generate productive employment for our fellow Australian Citizens.
  • The gulf between our political class and the Australian Citizens they claim to represent.
  • The sell off of productive assets (always called "investment", because that sounds better in focus groups) to fund non-productive and unsustainable public expenditure.

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