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Turnbull insists he is not anti-union

Malcolm must have let the TURC findings on widespread union corruption slip his mind because he's not against unions.

Turnbull's comment today is like a copper saying he is not against crime gangs.

Unreformed and left to operate in precisely the same way that produced the TURC evidence and findings - our unions stink.

They continue to call the shots in the Labor Party, selecting candidates and bankrolling the election of MPs who are beholden to unions - and the unions bosses get paid back in spades.

But Turnbull's not against things as they are.   If enough influential people like something, Turnbull likes it too.  It's hard to think of anything with a whiff of controversy or support that Turnbull's against.

After each Islamist terror attack, Turnbull's first step is to reassure Islamists that he loves them even more than before.  Even when Islamists are murderously anti-us, Turnbull is never anti them.

It's obviously the same with his mates in the cosy industrial relations club and the Labor Party.

And now at the end of a record length double dissolution election campaign - one he says was required to argue the case for reform of unions - Turnbull says he's not anti-union at all.

Stand for nothing, fall for anything.

I'm not anti-union: Turnbull

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Malcolm Turnbull insists he's not anti-unions and believes most construction workers are law-abiding and honest.

The prime minister has also defended the drawn-out election campaign saying it was needed to have a double-dissolution on important pieces of industrial relations legislation tackling union misbehaviour.

"This is not an anti-union issue, I don't have an ounce of ideology on this at all," he told Alan Jones on radio 2GB on Wednesday.


The book on the abject absence of judgement in Turnbull's make up gets longer each day.