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The ABC reports on a high order criminal damage offence in Perth.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined Islamic leaders in condemning a firebombing and anti-Islam graffiti attack outside a mosque and school in Perth's south-east.

Police have confirmed accelerant was used to set the four-wheel drive alight outside the Thornlie Mosque and Australian Islamic College on Tonbridge Way just after 8:00pm on Tuesday.

The car was gutted, while four other vehicles were damaged by heat.

A parked car burns at night as a firefighter approaches on the road, with a brick road in the background showing graffiti.

An offensive anti-Islam message was also painted on a nearby wall but has since been removed.


An awful crime, the act of full on hoodlums who should be in gaol.

Police deal with arson and criminal damage like this every day.  

Well adjusted and comfortable people have little exposure to this underworld of mindless petty crime that's a constant for police.

To the owner of the car this isn't petty.  But to the Australian criminal justice system it's a common garden variety low order offence.

Except that it took place in a Mosque car park.

Many people say bombings and shootings by Muslims in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam  - they're just plain vanilla crimes.

The same people seem to have no problem calling this horrible criminal damage and arson by Perth crooks an act of terrorism.

Maybe they should look into their hearts at their response to this arson.

Act of Dickhead I would say.

We should maintain some sense of proportionality in this.

Islam and Muhammad have a lot to answer for - Australian petty crooks who burn cars are not a part of the solution.

Islamists and their boosters thrive on victimhood.   For God's and Australia's sakes don't help them.

Here's the Venerable to the Eminence luxuriating in their ecumenical loftiness and the horror, the horror of knowing there are at least 3 criminals who live in Perth.

Fr Rod Bower reserves his deepest sorrow for common crimes like this.  

As a former copper working the reality of petty crime in inner-Melbourne, I can only suggest that Fr Bower must be perpetually drawing from the deepest sorrow reservoir.

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The Eminence of Muftiness agrees that Rod the Grandstander has hit just the right chord in his oration of outrage.

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Meanwhile back at the nothing to do with Islam training camp for Jihadis.

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LargeAnd for me the reality that the people who feel the same way this Sydney mother does are everywhere is sinking in.

Even the land of smiles is not immune from the head-hackers.

I am convicted awaiting sentence for what they call insulting the prophet.

That means pointing out that waiting 3 years to rape the 6 year old he liked doesn't make Muhammad less of a Paedophile.

A 54 year old man should not have sex with a 9 year old girl.

That's a crime Mr Muslim.

The people who think Muhammad was perfect in everything he did are here too.

And that keeps me on the move.  


You might forgive me for being a bit over Muslim victimhood.

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