Turnbull loves Islam, knows all about how great it is, how much we owe Islam - but says you can't generalise on gays
Our reader Garry Goldsworthy on the Islamic beheading of two Canadian yachtsmen

According to the ABC's Waleed Aly, the Orlando massacre was caused by dangerous freedom. Nothing to do with Islam.

 Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens present a taxpayer funded show on ABC Radio National.

They fix the world with smart-arse psycho-babble fronted by the two better-boys - better read, better educated, better jobs and much, much better paid than you and me.

It's excruciating listening.  Thankfully it's also mostly irrelevant and wholly inconsequential (save for the costs).   But Mr Aly's growing influence as a Turnbull-endorsed poster boy for Islamism changes that.   Aly has a prime-ministerially approved profile and he's using it.

Last week The Minefield set out to answer this lofty question.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.32.55 pm

Firstly a synopsis of what that model moral response from Aly and his mate did not include.  Naming the shooter, naming his motivation, naming Islam, acknowledging the victims.  A moral response has nothing to do with Islam because according to the celebrity Muslim Aly the terror attack itself had nothing to do with Islam.

Aly's moral response to Orlando?   Get rid of freedom, not Islam.

"Freedom (is one of those narratives that) doesn't work any more" he said.   This was just hours before he sat down to a taxpayer funded Ramadan dinner with Prime Minister Turnbull.  

I wonder what divinely ordained system Mr Aly could have in mind to replace the dangerous freedom that's been ruining the world?  

Here's the man himself direct from the high horse.

Beyond the PM's ear, Mr Aly's influence is peddled on a daily platform on Channel 10 (The Project), columns with Fairfax, lecturing position at a University and extensive involvement with the ABC.   At least one consistent theme is appearing in the way Mr Aly uses that platform.   Islam.

To leave you in absolutely no doubt about Aly's opinion on the role of Islam in the Orlando matter, there is a single photo published on the The Minefield website.   

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Yes, the Husseini Islamic Centre is the place where the Sheik gave his lectures about compassionate execution for gays (nothing to be embarrassed about).  But mentioning that link and understanding the role hate-preaching played in the massacre is not part of a moral response to Orlando.   Finding a Muslim girl with flowers is.

I'll leave you with Aly's opener to his show - his chance to advise the world on a moral response to Orlando.  As you'll hear, a moral response doesn't name the shooter, doesn't acknowledge the victims, it ignores the shooter's stated motivation and most importantly, a moral response to Islamic terrorism contains this message.

This had nothing to do with Islam.