The history of the Gillard/FWC union protection racket and Tony Sheldon's TWU numbers fraud
Grand Mufti "Sheik Shady a victim of media-terrorism" - challenges PM's condemnation of "religious ruling" on gays

Your support is essential in this unfinished business

The hard yards for us start up again after the election.

No crooks have been interviewed let alone charged in The AWU Scandal.

A Labor/CFMEU government has appointed its new police commissioner - and his chief of staff is the right hand man to Premier Daniel Andrews.

The lawyer who hand-wrote the note that deceived the Commonwealth Bank into handing over $160,000 to clear up the Bruce Wilson "controversy" is now the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions in Victoria.   He's the man who decides who goes to court and who goes home without charge.

As I hope you can see in my outrage over the continuing protection racket for union officials like Tony Sheldon below - I am still fired up with plenty more to do.

I've had two jobs in radio taken away because I spoke the uncomfortable truth.

First on union corruption and my stories on Craig Thomson and Gillard.

Second on Islam and the danger we face from people who want to live like Muhammad.

It was wrong that you should lose a voice in the media for speaking the truth on those two issues.  But with your support I'll keep doing that here because both issues remain unfixed.

But I can only do that with your help and I need your help to keep going.

I only ask when I really need to.

Let's not walk away from a job that's only half-done.


Michael Smith

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