The history of the Gillard/FWC union protection racket and Tony Sheldon's TWU numbers fraud
Grand Mufti "Sheik Shady a victim of media-terrorism" - challenges PM's condemnation of "religious ruling" on gays

Your support is essential in this unfinished business

The hard yards for us start up again after the election.

No crooks have been interviewed let alone charged in The AWU Scandal.

A Labor/CFMEU government has appointed its new police commissioner - and his chief of staff is the right hand man to Premier Daniel Andrews.

The lawyer who hand-wrote the note that deceived the Commonwealth Bank into handing over $160,000 to clear up the Bruce Wilson "controversy" is now the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions in Victoria.   He's the man who decides who goes to court and who goes home without charge.

As I hope you can see in my outrage over the continuing protection racket for union officials like Tony Sheldon below - I am still fired up with plenty more to do.

I've had two jobs in radio taken away because I spoke the uncomfortable truth.

First on union corruption and my stories on Craig Thomson and Gillard.

Second on Islam and the danger we face from people who want to live like Muhammad.

It was wrong that you should lose a voice in the media for speaking the truth on those two issues.  But with your support I'll keep doing that here because both issues remain unfixed.

But I can only do that with your help and I need your help to keep going.

I only ask when I really need to.

Let's not walk away from a job that's only half-done.


Michael Smith

BSB: 084855 

Acct No: 537650476



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Old Codger

"No crooks have been interviewed let alone charged in The AWU Scandal."

I think most already knew that would (not) happen, and in fact said so here. The TURC and AWU Police investigations was nobbled from the day of appointments and will be buried without a trace even if the Libs win.

The Powers That Be look after each other no matter what crime gang they belong to.

Komrade juLIAR can rest easy, as can her mate komrade hillary.

The Inside Line

Well if you won't accept an offer of $40 a word then you can't be too hard up. Or don't you check your bexleyborn email anymore?

alan jones

Hi Michael. I have sent a cupper and a piece of cake, for you. All the best from Alan


Finally decided what to do in an election where tribal barriers have been broken down.

Michael Smith gets the political donation as the advocate for free speech. Family First can have the compulsory fee for voting of $2.75 (or thereabouts)as family is important in my little world. LDP next as they also advocate for free speech. Ater that it doesn't matter as we don't matter. Got the message loud and clear. All the best to Barnaby even though he failed to offer a candidate in our electorate. Will be an interesting night on Saturday.


My small fortnightly donation is on its way. Thanks Micheal once again for keeping us so well informed.




Ok done Michael, with thanks! Wish it could be more!!

Keep up the good work. Grateful and am pleased to see more people are taking notice of your solid work.


Tipped in a few quid, Michael.


It's like a trench war. Like science fighting cancer. It's a
long haul battle. The amount of work on here is legendary.

Andrewl QLD

contributed, thankyou for yours guts and all effort Michael.
1 day....1 day some of this will bite a broad broad's arse.
Love to have a beer 1 day with you.

Another Ian



Political speedbump

Its done Michael ,

You have the persistence of a rock old mate , its quite tragic and embarrassing as a nation that the lawmakers and the lawkeepers are also in on the drink , as they too are the very criminals that we're fighting.

The failures of The disgraced Dyson Hayden ,in unison with deliberate failures of the VicPol ,the DPP ,the Bar , the Law society to aid furthering and condoning this criminality is a deplorabe blight on our society .

They are all to be condemned .


"The hard yards for us start up again after the election.",,,don't worry, I think that there will be another election in three months time, after Liberal cop a dirty big hiding on Saturday...a little karma sutra.

Jeff of FNQ

Fortnightly donation will be coming next week as usual.

D/PM Barnaby Halal Joyce

Are you 'Australia's leading broadcaster' that wealthy 2GB jock? and thats the very best that you can do?


"No crooks have been interviewed let alone charged in The AWU Scandal."

The behaviour you're displaying here Michael, is called "perseveration".

Google it.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Hope all is well and you are keeping yourself safe as you move around I do ask for angelic protection for you as you travel about the place, call on the angels to also be a protector for yourself and your children if you are worried about them and their welfare they are safe and have their own guardian angels and guides protecting them as they also walk through life, so they are safe and will get the lesson they came here for with their life experiences, you are also a good parent even if you can't be with them all the time or when you would like to, they do know you love them to the moon and back, so when you can get in contact and just let them know that you are okay, but also that you do love them always even when you can't be together.. That was the second card I drew "Your Children are watched over by angels" the first card is one that has come out a bit and letting you know "The person you're asking about is trustworthy" so there must be someone that you are in two minds about still and are not sure if to confide in them what it is that is bothering you, it is okay they can be trusted and you can tell them what it is you are troubled by as it will be in confidence.. Trust in your own judgements and instincts when dealing with others check them out first if you want to to make sure they are the genuine article and you need other information from them.. You will always get warning signs of someone's character and if they are trustworthy you will feel it by how you interact so sometimes you need to listen rather then talk to get a feel of who they are and not give too much of yourself away at first before putting your trust completely in someone.. love and light xx
Have a great day and look after yourself I woke up to a white covering on this the first day of July so another month over and I have to go to work right about now.. I will catch you later so stay safe and I'll do the same as I go driving in the snow the road is a bit icy.. love you always xx


I googled your number and this came back

D/PM Barnaby Halal Joyce

Donald Trump Defends Israel After 'Nasty' Zionist Question: 'Protect them 100%'

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on Trade in Manchester, NH (6-30-16)

Michelle Two

School holidays started today in NSW the other states started last week maybe this is why the Children card came out this morning.. Sending love, light and protection to all kids in the world as some surely need it with the amount of brainwashing that goes on in society these days..
You have one example on your blog today of such indoctrination and at the end of it the adult says to the crowd they love mankind yet set out to kill others not like them.. they confuse the kids basic instincts with such hatred for no reason.. It is like our PC and Social engineering crowd teaching about tolerance/inclusion and diversity of other but not acting that way when their arguments are opposed so a lot of intolerance and judgements are made as they set about their indoctrination.

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