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2013 SMH election editorial - don't reward betrayal, we need stability, give Abbott 3 years and judge him on achievements

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On 6 September 2013 Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald recommended voters back Tony Abbott as PM for a full term.

Abbott's LNP offered stability with no infighting and no reward for betrayal.  Abbott should be judged by voters, not by faceless men advancing their own interests.

The virtues of the Abbott leadership back then convinced the organ of The Left, the Sydney Morning Herald to swap sides and back him.  That must have involved swallowing a monster bolus of pride.   The Age recommended for Labor - perhaps its editor knew Turnbull.

If Abbott had run the full term and taken his stable team to the election, he would have had fun and games against the architect of Labor's instability, the man who gave us Gillard and her corrupting deal with The Greens Bill Shorten.  Instead, 50 gutless Liberal insiders gave the electorate another untrustworthy betrayer in Turnbull who allowed Labor to create a new Bill Shorten without a history just in time for the election.

To compensate for his betrayal, Turnbull offered us a carpet-bag of innovation and agility.  Labor's freshly minted Blessed Virgin Bill had nothing to worry about from that.

As the former chief of detectives at Lakemba Police Station Doubtful John said last week, the electors were offered a choice between Benedict Arnold and Don Corleone and wisely favoured neither.

Australians deserve a government they can trust

September 6, 2013


6a0177444b0c2e970d01b7c8687316970bAustralia is crying out for a stable government ...the Herald believes only the Coalition can achieve that.....with Tony Abbott 

...the party he leads is untainted by scandal and infighting, and therefore has the best chance to unite a tired and despondent electorate.

Labor will not be able to do this until it is stripped of corrupt........ that have rewarded those who value power more than the public interest.

Abbott (promises) ''No surprises, no excuses''........voters can judge Abbott on delivery in three years 

He should conduct the promised reviews into workplace relations..........that will help him develop the detailed policy reform agenda ........... Australia needs to debate new ideas 

Labor allowed faceless men to unseat an elected prime minister

.....after the 2010 election produced a hung parliament, the Herald recommended Abbott be prime minister because ''stability is more likely''.

Gillard retained power by breaking her promise of ''no carbon tax under a government I lead'' in a deal with the Greens.  Labor betrayed the voters.

Rudd remained a destabilising force; a reminder of betrayal 

.... Labor was a broken party in 2010 and is even more broken now.

The Herald believes Australian democracy needs Labor to prove it respects the privilege of power. It cannot be supported for abusing that privilege.

Voters should not reward ....... those who owe their influence to..... betrayals of trust

Labor..... is not offering a stable, trustworthy government on which Australians can depend.

The Coalition under Tony Abbott deserves the opportunity to return trust to politics.

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Tony Abbott would have taken the narrative that began with Craig Thomson and Gillard right through to the Final Report of the Heydon Royal Commission and up to the election with detailed recommendations for policy reform.

He would have left us in no doubt about Bill Shorten and his past.  He would have won a mandate to actually do something for the next 3 years, when again the Liberals could be judged on what they promised and what they delivered.   That would take the advantage first identified by the Herald in 2013 right up to a very good shot at winning in 2019 and remaining in government until 2022.

Instead the Turnbull veneer of glamour has washed away like last night's mascara down the cheeks of a sad old queen who can't pull the punters like she used to.


We lost so much so he could do so little.

If there's something to be salvaged from the Turnbull train-smash it's this.

When next you hear an evangelist with the 'innovation, agility, excitement" spiel, tell him he's dreamin'.