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ACCC and Australian Federal Police execute search warrant at ACT CFMEU premises today

ACCC Statement confirming its ACT search warrants.

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Here's the ABC's report

ACCC raiding CFMEU's Canberra headquarters, branch secretary says


Construction, Mining, Forestry, and Energy Union (CFMEU) ACT branch secretary Dean Hall says the Canberra headquarters are being raided by the competition regulator.

The ABC has seen what are believed to be at least two Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) representatives inside the building in the suburb of Dickson.

In a statement, the ACCC said it was executing search warrants in Canberra but did not specify the organisations it was targeting.

Mr Hall said the raid began at about 8:30am and was related to evidence presented to the trade union royal commission.

He said up to 20 officials from the ACCC and Australian Federal Police were involved.

"We are fully cooperating with officers from the ACCC. It is concerning though that so many resources have been pumped into our office again, for the second time, to exercise a search warrant," he said.

Mr Hall said the union had nothing to hide.

"The AFP officers left pretty early once they could see we were cooperating," he said.

"[The ACCC] are going through all computer material and office files in relation to a lot of matters, in regards to negotiating enterprise bargaining agreements for wages and conditions of workers."

Last year the ACT Supreme Court found the Australian Federal Police (AFP) acted unlawfully when they raided the CFMEU's headquarters in Dickson in August 2015.


PS - who says the CFMEU and CBUS are too close?

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Joined at the hip more like!