Ismail al Wahwah demands Muslims murder Jews. Then does it again. Yet Sonia Kruger is the one in trouble?
Hillary Clinton's statement of support and de-facto retention of "the fighter we need" Debbie Wasserman, fraudster.

BBC scrubs Muslim bit of Allah-uh-Akhbar-shouting Munich shooter's name - our ABC tucked it away too


In Australia,  their ABC said 

The Munich shooting was the third act of violence against civilians in Western Europe — and the second in southern Germany — in eight days.

That's all, just the 3rd attack against civilians in 8 days.  By whom or what?  The ABC can't see any thread running through them, they're just attacks on civilians by an invisible enemy.

And Australia's ABC dropped the Ali first name too:

......the 18-year-old German-Iranian — named as David Ali Sonboly — had suffered depression and reportedly undergone psychiatric treatment.