Reconciling Australian taxpayer funded Clinton Foundation donations
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Bingo! US Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Clinton Foundation - Australian Government's problems begin

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I have been dealing with Marsha Blackburn's office for some time now.   This letter from the US tax office arrived at Marsha's office on Monday (Tuesday our time) and this copy is hot off the press for you.

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The Clinton Foundation was never given appropriate US registration for its international fundraising efforts.

Most of the Australian taxpayer money handed over to the Clinton Foundation involves fraudulent paperwork and misleading and deceptive characterisations.

Julie Bishop has been responsible for the further complicating factor of the coverups she's presided over for previous cockups.

Due Diligence on DFAT's part has taken a back seat to

Here's Marsha's letter of complaint to the FBI and IRS.  And congratulations to Charles Ortel - success has many fathers (but failure is an orphan)!

(I have omitted several of the signature pages of US members and Senators who co-signed the complaint)

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