Compare and contrast Obama with the Trump GOP Convention on America's "Kill The Police" movement
Turnbull and team to hit the ground doing. What? TBA. Very, very slowly.

Hillary Clinton's culpable negligence in the Benghazi killings explained by two marines who were there.


Clinton lied about a number of things to do with her culpable role in the killing of 4 Americans.

One of the major issues was the Obama/Clinton lie that a video insulting the Muslim Muhammad was the cause of a protest leading to the killings.

There was no link to a video.  There was no protest.  This was a terror attack on a soft under protected target.

And when under oath Clinton was questioned about the killings - to get to the truth for the families and America - here's what she said.


How can a once great country like America allow its citizens to become so bereft of education, judgement, awareness and regard for character as to make Clinton an electable candidate for President.